I hate going to the doctor so I’m stressing… I’m hopeful that she will do more than look at my weight, and nag me about losing it, because all too often that’s been my experience…  But I suppose a visit is a necessary evil.  And the friend who recommended her really likes her, so perhaps I’ll have found a good one at last.

And now for a rant.  Have you heard about the new Whole Foods Discount “Incentive” Policy for their employees?


I don’t give a damn that “incentive” program is voluntary – it’s appalling to think that ANY CORPORATION should be allowed to have this sort of medical information about their employees (spare me the HIPPA lecture!).  I have no doubt that the data will eventually be used for evil because that seems to be the road John Mackey is driving Whole Foods down.

Whole Foods you are DEAD to me…