You know it’s going to be a rough workout when the Evil Trainer STARTS with the 35-lb kettle bell and you have not eaten breakfast…  But I survived and I’m only *slighty* exhausted.  I really want to take a nap, but I’m waiting for a call about a potential job…

We did the measuring yesterday.  Basically weight stayed the same, some measurements were down, some didn’t change, and somehow the measurements on my legs went UP!  ET is going to check my leg measurements again next week – he’s thinking perhaps it was water retention (since I do retain water like the Hoover Dam!).  But overall I’m still pleased – my waist and hips went down so I think the Pilates is definitely working!

And I think all the work on my knee is slowly starting to pay off – I know yesterday I managed to straighten it during a stretch more than I’ve been able to straighten it in a long, long time.  Hurt like hell, but it has to be done.  ET and I are also going to up the weight on the leg press by 90-lbs a month.  I used to be able to leg press 1000-lbs (Yep!  10 reps of 1,000 pounds!) and I want to get back to that level because my crazy strong legs always made me happy.

Weighed in this morning.  And I’m down to 349.8 – which means that 2 weeks of my “hard” (yeah, that’s sarcasm) work, I lost a whopping .4 pounds… At this rate I’ll reach my goal a couple weeks after I’m dead…

But it’s truly not that surprising given all the time I’ve spent with Fast Food and Pizza since the first of the year…actually I should be happy I haven’t gained…

Might I add I’m really tired of being in such a downer mood all the damn time…  I don’t even want to listen to my endless whining let alone subject others to it.

I’m just going to keep trudging along, and hope that I snap the hell out of this (or that I get medicated the hell out of this).

I see the Evil Trainer twice this week, and I have Pilates Saturday morning.  ET is working on my knee to help me strengthen it AND to help me be able to straighten it (it’s always slightly bent) – and HP is working on strengthening my inner thigh muscles (the adductors I believe).  And they BOTH are laying a world of hurt on me – but for the best reasons…

They both keep telling me the hardest part is just showing up – and I’m trying really hard to not only show up but to actually be present.  I’m better at being present with HP – because Pilates takes so damn much focus.  But I do tend to check out sometimes with ET…

The Evil Trainer did my measurements this morning.  Several were down, a couple were up, and some others didn’t change.  I’ve updated my “weighing in” tab with all the gory details.

I mainly went down in my arms & legs – which is fine especially when you consider I call my calves “cows”…  Now please nobody take offense at the next comment – but the crazies in my head are now saying I’m just going to turn into one of those fat women who carry all the weight between their neck & hips – and have stick skinny arms & legs… I’m not saying that’s bad, I’m just saying that I prefer my fat all over shape.  :)

We didn’t set specific goals for January – but I’m going to try and lose 7 pounds…

I’m also not setting any goals for minutes working out or doing cardio.  I’m just going to make it a goal to not cancel sessions.

And a more important goal f9r me at the moment is to find a new job.  Apparently the place that was all hot and heavy on me Monday has apparently changed their minds.  I haven’t had any call to schedule the in-person interview they were so desparate to do this week.

Oh well, c’est la vie…

I’ve also had 2 run-ins with pizza this week (I KNOW it’s only Wednesday!), and an encounter with Wendys.  And even as I type this, I’m thinking I want pizza again tonight…  So I need to bring back my focus on staying away from that crap.

Well – today is my first of the year weigh & measure.  I see the Evil Trainer at 10am for the measuring, but I’ve already had my run-in with the scale.  And I weighed less than I though I would!

I expected to be around 355 – but to my surprise I came in at 350.2.

More later – time to work now.

I saw the Evil Trainer twice, I was REALLY good on my eating, I actually managed to stop eating when I full, and NOT eat when I wasn’t hungry, my knee felt good pretty much all week, AND I lost 2.6 pounds!

And I managed to do all this while dealing with parental-induced stress (which I didn’t eat to deal with).


Here’s hoping I can keep the momentum going.  :)

No Pilates for me tomorrow – got some car stuff to take car of.  So I’m planning on trying to get in a walk – providing we aren’t getting dumped on with the snowstorm.  Also have MORE stuff to take to Goodwill – it never seems to end!

Sunday I have to actually go IN to the office to work – blech.  Unfortunately for me it’s work I can’t really do remotely.  But hopefully it will go smooth and I’ll be done in 3-4 hours.  Then once I’m done and home, I’ll be doing the blizzard dance (no, one isn’t forecast, but Denver weather forecasters can’t predict dark at night).

Well had my “First Friday” weigh & measure today.  Good news and bad news…

The bad news – I missed my goal of 350 – I weighed in at 354.6….  :(  Not surprising since I did spend about 2 weeks off the wagon in a candy & junk food haze.

The good news?  I lost 7 3/4″ inches in October!!!  The Evil Trainer is VERY pleased – and frankly so am I!  It’s a nice reminder that the scale isn’t the only measurement of success… 

I’ve been feeling much better too.  The insomnia problem seems to have resolved itself.  I really think it was all the candy that was messing me up.  So the trainer was able to really work me hard today – and tomorrow morning I get to be tortured in Pilates by his fiancee.  I’m wondering if adding the Pilates in weekly isn’t helping give me that big boost in inches lost – didn’t want to say that to the Evil Trainer because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.  :)  I think the combo of his workouts with the Pilates could be just what the doctor ordered.


Okay – I believe I’m finally back on the wagon!  Although I did have some candy today, I kept the amount low, and overall my calories are good for the day (even had some veggies!  ;)

Now that halloween and the party is over, and all the “bad” food is gone (perhaps not disposed of in the best manner), it’s time to renew my commitment to myself and to losing weight!

I actually forgot to weigh myself Friday – got up late, and had to get the dog fed and get dressed before the electricians showed up… So I was going to weigh myself Saturday – again, got up late and had to get my butt to Pilates.  So TODAY I was going to weigh – AGAIN, up late and get to get online and work (had some big production changes to get in place).  Of course part of the issue is that I put the scale away for the party, and haven’t gotten it back out…  I *may* weigh myself tomorrow morning – but I may wait until Friday for my monthly weigh/measure – I guess it depends on whether or not I oversleep ;)

Here are my goals for the month of November:

  1. 10 pound weight loss (that’s right, going for double digits!)
  2. Exercise 900 minutes – that’s an average of 30 min each day
  3. Average 2000/cal daily
  4. Cardio 3x/week – 20 min each
  5. Paint the main floor ceiling & hallway
  6. Unpack the 2 big boxes in the laundry room
  7. Swim 2x – at least 30 min each time

On the plus side of the past few days, I did get a couple items checked off my 101 in 1001….  :D