Did NOT see the hoped for 2 lb. weight loss on the scale this morning… Instead I saw a .6 lb. gain…  FAIL!  :(

Just shows me how important the cardio is.

So I’m at a 4.2 lb. loss for the Biggest Loser Challenge – which is on track for my goal of losing 2 pounds per week…


Although I didn’t make my weight loss goal of 10 pounds for August, I did manage to lose 5.2 pounds – which was a pleasant surprise to learn when I stepped on the hated scale this morning.  And even better – according to the Evil Trainer’s measurements, I lost 11 1/4″!!!!  YAY ME I think it’s definitely the boost I needed to get me motivated.


Well, I flung myself off the wagon Friday, and I just finally have almost pulled myself back on today….  Sunday was definitely the worst of the 3 days, and I had to really fight the urge to purge all that I had eaten – but at least I did win that battle because I did NOT purge…  But I felt so horrible and my stomach was so distended, that I couldn’t even sleep last night.

I did better today.


Started out crappy with the !$*&#$^*? scale.  Now granted I haven’t been working out like I know I need to, but by god my diet has improve 1000000% and what do I have to show for it???

In 2 damn weeks I only lost .4 pounds….  THAT’S RIGHT!  .4 pounds!  Not even a full 1/2 pound!


No run ins with fast food, diet soda, pudding, or donuts!  YAY!  I did have a bite sized candy bar after lunch – I always crave a touch of sweets after spicy food…and it was just a bite sized bar – so no harm, no foul.

My plan for tomorrow?  Kick ass in a similar manner to today.  :D

My scale crazies are starting to act up.  In my head I’m thinking how can I know if I’m making progress towards my weight for my Sept weigh-in if I’m not weighing myself?  I know I get to weigh this friday, but the scale is calling me… Man, I hate that bitch.


Is anyone else ready for this week to be the hell OVER?


Just when I think I’ve found all the stupid things a SysAdmin could possibly do to fuck up some systems, I find MORE stupid things!  Things that require downtime to fix, and therefore my time on the weekend.  *grumble*  If I ever have the misfortune to again encounter the moron the company fired, my foot is going to meet his ass…