Let’s just say that 50,000 units of Vitamin D a day has some unpleasant side effects.  And it’s only been ONE WEEK!  *sigh*

I was chatting with one of the other trainers at the gym and told him about my Vitamin D related “issues” – and he told me about a Chiropractor/Kinesiologist he sees and suggested I try him.  So I’m pondering it.  Not planning on ignoring what my doctor is telling me, I’m thinking of the other doctor being more of an augment to my health plans.

I’m also in the midst of my third day of anxiety attacks about my upcoming unemployment – so there have been A LOT of sweets consumed, which also makes me feel like SHITE.  I’ve got a line on a couple different jobs, but who knows if they will come to anything.

I told the Evil Trainer when I saw him today that if I’m still unemployed at the end of March, I’m going to have to stop seeing him until I get a job.  I’ll talk with HP tomorrow about Pilates – I’m paid up for I think 5-6 more sessions, so if I don’t have a job by the time I have used those up, no more Pilates either.  But I’m hoping it won’t come to that!

Realistically Thursday is my last day working.  I need to talk to the partner at the company I’m subcontracting to about how to handle support after that – but right now she’s dealing with a husband in the hospital because of his Crohns, and a daughter who’s also dealing with serious problems because of Crohns, so I just don’t feel right bringing her MY drama.  Honestly I don’t know how she handles everything life has thrown at her the past 4-5 months.  I’m just thankful I have my health!  You can always find work, but good health is a whole lot harder to regain

Still struggling BIG TIME with getting my eating under control – I just give up most days.  No  – I have not been spending days in the arms of Pizza or Fast Food, but I haven’t been eating healthy in spite of my vow to do so.

I think part of the problem is the clutter in my house – EVERYWHERE!  It currently just feels overwhelming so I just watch TV or knit and try to ignore it – which means I don’t want to cook because then I’d have MORE to clean.  I’m not at risk for being on Hoarders yet – but it’s far worse than I ever let it get.  It helps keep my stress level high…  But it looks like I’ll have some time in March to put things in order – I’ll have to do SOMETHING to pass the days – hopefully something other than sitting on the couch….

Okay – off to soak in the tub and try to relax in the hopes I can sleep tonight…

In light of the results for my blood work, and the fact that I’m facing MORE bloodwork (blech), I have a plan for the next couple months that will hopefully help me show an improvement specifically in my cholesterol/LDL & Vitamin D levels (not much I can do about my thyroid).

  1. NO Fast Food or Pizza!
  2. Exercise
    1. Cardio 2x a week
    2. Evil Trainer 2x week
    3. Pilates 1x week
  3. 50,000 units Vitamin D daily
  4. 5 servings fruit & veggies daily
  5. Log my food – it just helps me stay aware of what I eat

Did my cardio yesterday (YAY ME!) and saw the Evil Trainer this morning.  I’ll do cardio again tomorrow, then Evil Trainer Friday, and Pilates on Saturday.  And Sunday?  I’m going to nap!!!

Unfortunately I slipped all to easily back into the fast food/pizza habit and it’s going to be killer to have to break that (again).  And pizza/fast food also means I’m not eating my fruits & veggies – it’s just one damn big vicious cycle!

No, not “that” groove…  My weight loss groove.

I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself because I’m not losing the weight.  I’m tired of the excuses, and feeling like a failure.  So enough bitching and moaning.  Time to focus on being positive and on making good changes in my life – Holidays or not, Funk or not.

So the $64,000.00 (or should that be the 140lb) question is – HOW?

hmmmm… wellll… ummmm…

Well, part of the problem is my complete lack of desire to get off the couch, let alone leave the house and hit the gym (sadly I’ve worked from home for the past 3 weeks because of this).

I know this “funk” sounds more like depression, and although I’m sure it is depression, I’m going to continue calling it the funk, and try to work through it without meds.

So the first order of business is to get my ass off the couch and away from the TV AND the Internet.  That means going into the office instead of working at home, and it means NO MORE cancelling sessions with the Evil Trainer!

For the rest of December, those are my only goals –

  • Go into the office
  • Don’t cancel sessions with the Evil Trainer
  • Do 20 minutes of cardio before each session with ET

I can safely say there is not a chance in hell that I will reach my original goal of 299 by my birthday in March, so I’m letting that now very unrealistic goal go.  I will now be happy if I weigh in the 320’s on my birthday.  I’ll worry about the rest of the weight after that.  I’m guessing I’m still at about 355 now – I’ll weigh in Friday and get my measurements done as well.

And now for my current “issue” – please read this and join me in vowing to boycott the purchase of Ralph Lauren products.

HuffPo article on the issue:  Ralph Lauren Boycott:  Retaking Beauty

Facebook Page for boycott:  ATB Action Network Boycott of Ralph Lauren

Okay – I believe I’m finally back on the wagon!  Although I did have some candy today, I kept the amount low, and overall my calories are good for the day (even had some veggies!  ;)

Now that halloween and the party is over, and all the “bad” food is gone (perhaps not disposed of in the best manner), it’s time to renew my commitment to myself and to losing weight!

I actually forgot to weigh myself Friday – got up late, and had to get the dog fed and get dressed before the electricians showed up… So I was going to weigh myself Saturday – again, got up late and had to get my butt to Pilates.  So TODAY I was going to weigh – AGAIN, up late and get to get online and work (had some big production changes to get in place).  Of course part of the issue is that I put the scale away for the party, and haven’t gotten it back out…  I *may* weigh myself tomorrow morning – but I may wait until Friday for my monthly weigh/measure – I guess it depends on whether or not I oversleep ;)

Here are my goals for the month of November:

  1. 10 pound weight loss (that’s right, going for double digits!)
  2. Exercise 900 minutes – that’s an average of 30 min each day
  3. Average 2000/cal daily
  4. Cardio 3x/week – 20 min each
  5. Paint the main floor ceiling & hallway
  6. Unpack the 2 big boxes in the laundry room
  7. Swim 2x – at least 30 min each time

On the plus side of the past few days, I did get a couple items checked off my 101 in 1001….  :D

Man I enjoyed the hell out of today – just relaxing and staying in by the fire.

I did do some things – I made a big dent in cleaning the kitchen.  I think EVERY dish and piece of cookware I owned was stacked up to be washed!  I did one load in the dish washer, and as soon as it’s dry, I’ll do another.  Feeling better in there already!  :)

I think it’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow, so I’ll plan on making the Goodwill run then.  Also going to hit the gym – not sure if I’m going to do cardio or swim yet – I’ll see what my knee is feeling like before I decide.  Also going to check off one more item on my 101 in 1001 – going to get rid of my stash of computer cables and assorted crap like that – taking it to Goodwill as well – that includes the printer I never use anymore.  I just don’t have space to keep crap around that I’m not using.

In the spirit of getting rid of things I don’t use anymore, I’ve finally decided it’s time to sell my beloved little iMac.  I haven’t even unpacked it in the over year I’ve been in this house, so it’s time for her to find a new home…  *sniff*

I also have a Pilates performer I bought YEARS ago from QVC – it’s been in the garage since I moved in here – plus I’m taking Pilates with a REAL instructor, so I don’t need one at home (to use improperly).   And of course the hated MagneTrainer – hurts my knee worse than anything to use.  Craigslist here it all comes!  :)

Did NOT see the hoped for 2 lb. weight loss on the scale this morning… Instead I saw a .6 lb. gain…  FAIL!  :(

Just shows me how important the cardio is.

So I’m at a 4.2 lb. loss for the Biggest Loser Challenge – which is on track for my goal of losing 2 pounds per week…


Just got back from having my ass kicked by the Evil Trainer.  I shared with him my plan of doing 10-miles a week on the elliptical.  And he nixed it.  He’s worried that my knee won’t handle it and he doesn’t want me to have a setback because of it…

Okay, fair enough.

For the time being he wants me to start with 2-miles twice a week, and if my knee is feeling okay, then add another half mile – no more than 5-miles a week.  He also doesn’t want me swimming an hour, just 30-minutes for now.

He hasn’t steered me wrong before, so I’m going to follow his instructions…for once…he’ll be shocked…  :D

He’s also out of town for a week now, so I won’t see him again until a week from Friday, so other than Pilates, I’m on my own.  Time to buck up and get my butt to the gym so when he comes back from hunting, I can report success to him.    Sometimes I just have to mess with his mind by actually doing what he asks me to do…  >:)