It’s Monday and the wind won’t stop blowing here (and it’s a damn cold wind too!) and all I want is to eat sweets…  Seriously!  To the point of pondering mixing up some powdered sugar glaze and eating it with a spoon…  That’s just not right… And fruit is not helping as a substitute for something sweet and sugary… And because I don’t keep sweets in the house, I have nothing to satisfy the cravings… Other than homemade glaze  ;)

I had a wonderful dinner (Thai Coconut Curry with Pork from The Organic Dish) – but now I want something sweet…  Sorry to obsess…

Still looking for a job – I’ve applied for quite a few and I may have a possible good lead, but we will see how that pans out.  I’m stressed still, but trying to relax about it.  Being all wound up in knots won’t help me find a job faster, and I’ve got some savings…  So I’ll just keep looking.

I’m feeling a little less dark mentally – perhaps the funk is passing, tho it’s sure to make a comeback for VD.

On the plus side, plans for being made for the annual birthday debauchery!  Drag Queen Bingo has become the tradition for my birthday.  There’s Drag Queens, Drinking, Bingo, Bar Food, Door Prizes, AND the Bingo Wig of Shame – how can you go wrong??  :D   This year the festivities will be on Friday, Mar 12.  And as you can tell I’m already looking forward to it!  Last year I think we may have been a bigger show than the Drag Queens who were calling Bingo.

And the BGBF and I discussed plans for what I will only refer to know as my 2011 birthday (I prefer NOT to think of the age I’ll be turning!) – and the plans involve a PARTY BUS!!!!

You may be thinking I’ve given up on the weight loss – I haven’t at all.  I’m just trying to not make it the entire focus of my life – makes me too crazy.

Okay – I need to go find something to distract me from the sugar cravings….

The party was FAB-U-LOUS, but I am SOOOOO glad to be done with the cooking and getting ready for it…  And all the effort was well worth it!

I don’t think I over did it – I only had two drinks – mainly because I kept wandering away from my glass.  And although I can’t say my eating has been good these past days, I don’t think I went way overboard – although my digestive system would disagree at the moment.  But I’m trying to be back on course.  Tried to make sure the majority of the leftovers went home with guests.  There are some cookies left, but I’ll bring those into work tomorrow.

There are also some of the bacon cupcakes left.  Although they were good, they weren’t what I was trying to have them be.  The cupcakes themselves weren’t maple-y enough, and I used a new ganache recipe which as it turns out was not as good as my usual one.  I also put too much ganache on them so that overpowered any other taste.  The bacon was fabulous.  :)

I also tried a new recipe for bacon & bleu cheese stuffed mushrooms – and they were a HUGE HIT!  And dead easy too.  And although I HATE mushrooms and the smell of them baking made me slightly naseaus, the peeps loved them so much that they will probably be added to the regular list of things to make.

My pumpkin bread wound up not being pumpkin bread at all.  I HATE store bought canned pumpkin, and it turns out I was completely out of my homemade canned pumpkin.  I did however have homemade mincemeat, so I altered the recipe to use it instead – and DAMN IT WAS GOOD!  Spicy & moist, and even the people who said they didn’t like mincemeat liked the bread.

But now I have to get my focus back to the weight loss.  Hunting season is over, so I should be seeing the Evil Trainer twice a week from now on.

So, slighly late, here are my goals for between now and Friday (my next weigh-in):

  1. Pilates 1x
  2. Evil Trainer 1x
  3. Swim 1x
  4. Cardio 3x – 20 min
  5. No Fast Food/Pizza
  6. Weigh 250 (not sure what I weigh today)

Whoever decided to put friggin’ porcelain tile in my kitchen should be taken out and SHOT.  It it the most godawful surface to stand on and cook.  Every part of my body aches from it….I just want a hot bath and bed….

Been missing because I’ve been busy this week – had some business things to deal with and then I’ve been getting ready for my annual Halloween bash.  Yesterday I was in grocery store and box unpacking hell (I HATE HATE HATE grocery shopping).

Today I have been cooking – made a double batch of my “Good chocolate chip cookies”, 2 dozen maple cupcakes (to be frosted with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with bacon), 2 loaves of pumpkin mincemeat ribbon bread (didn’t have any of my homemade canned pumpkin, so I used homemade mincemeat instead), and five pounds of meatballs…

Good Lord I’m tired.

Although I have been sampling, I’ve most definitely sampled WAY LESS than in years past.

I haven’t been anywhere near a gym – I don’t know what I was thinking to think for one second that I would go work out.  Just too much to do, and not enough of me to do it…

I’ve also decided in honor of Fat Talk Free Week that I will NOT be weighing in tomorrow.  I’ll weigh in on the 30th and perhaps I’ll be at my goal of 250.

Okay – off to a hot bath and bed…

I’ve realized how much time I waste daily on Facebook….and what does it accomplish?  Nothing… What does it keep me from doing?  Oh, little things like clean the house, go to the gym, do laundry, etc., etc., etc.

I think it’s time for a FB detox.  Effective tomorrow I’m limiting myself to 1 HOUR daily.  It may sound like a LOT of time, but I probably waste 3-4 hours on FB after work, and two to three times that on the weekends.

I spend my work days in front of a computer for my job, and there is no sense in spending my weekends and evenings wasting my time in front of one as well.

I did really retty well this weekend.  All the stuff I had set aside for Goodwill is gone – including some things in the garage I had forgotten about.  I just LOVE how de-cluttering my house actually makes it feel lighter.  

Did pretty good on the eating.  Of course there was the one McD’s incident yesterday, but I’m fast food free today.  Calorie-wise I’m doing okay, just could have made some better choices.  But nothing that could be considered a binge.

I also finalized the menu for this weekend’s Halloween Bash.

  • Meatballs
  • Hot Garlic-Artichoke Dip w/Garlic Bread
  • Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Veggies & Dip
  • Chips & Salsa
  • Crackers & Cheeses
  • Bacon Cupcakes (That’s right – BACON Cupcakes)
  • “Car Bomb” Cupcakes
  • Good Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Ribbon Pumpkin Bread
  • Tequila Sunrise Punch (I think)

I have the ingredient lists all pulled together, now I just need to make up my shopping lists, and figure out what days I need to make what.  Sounds like a lot of cooking, but I *think* it’s going to be doable.  Though I do generally tend to bite off more than I can handle.  ;)

With all the planning, and cooking, and cleaning, I do plan to make time somehow to get my cardio in… The Evil Trainer is again out of town, so I don’t need to worry about fitting him in, and I already did my Pilates for this week.  So that leaves 1 hour of cardio, and swimming one time.

Okay – time to do some cleaning in my office  :)

Although it wasn’t a horrible week, I’m still VERY glad it’s over because other than Pilates tomorrow morning – I have NO PLANS for the first weekend in I don’t know how damn long!  YAY!


He had a bit of “work” done on Tuesday, so I’ve been just laying low and taking care of him.  He had his gums lazered back (they were growing over his teeth), he had a couple of “masses” removed from his mouth (waiting for the results of the tests on them), had some wart like things removed, his ears cleaned, and the pièce de résistance was getting his anal glands cleaned.