It was a good, VERY relaxing weekend, and I’m not ready to have to go to work tomorrow  :(

I didn’t make it to the gym today – hell I didn’t even get “dressed” until about 3pm.  I DID get the kitchen cleaned, even ran the cleaning cycle for the oven!  I didn’t get stuff taken to Goodwill.  But I’m still very pleased with what I accomplished.  I made a nice Bolognese sauce for pasta, and I have enough for a couple more meals.  I avoided fast food, pizza, diet pop, tingeing, and purging.

It was a good weekend!

Going to call the electrician tomorrow to get the thermostat replaced – if I didn’t have the gas fireplace, it would have been friggin’ freezing in here this weekend!  But Angus and I stayed nice and toasty.

I’m planning to do 20 min of cardio tomorrow – going to try and stop on the way home from work… Wish me luck on following through on this (you may have noticed my follow through on Cardio has kind of sucked).

Started out crappy with the !$*&#$^*? scale.  Now granted I haven’t been working out like I know I need to, but by god my diet has improve 1000000% and what do I have to show for it???

In 2 damn weeks I only lost .4 pounds….  THAT’S RIGHT!  .4 pounds!  Not even a full 1/2 pound!


It’s Friday….I put in my 40 hours sometime midday yesterday, but here I am STILL working on getting the #%(#*&$$@^&^#$&)_!@** system happy!  And you know what I want?  What would taste OH SO GOOD?  THIS!  It’s healthy – there’s fresh fruit in it!  I think 2 or 3 blenderfuls of those would be just the ticket….  ;)


McDonald’s AGAIN for breakfast this morning!  I sense a bad habit re-developing…

For lunch?  Well, I had Bangers and Mash at an “Irish Bistro”…not healthy – but VERY yummy, the portion was reasonable and I enjoyed every bite – tho it was a tad salty.  For dinner I had the leftovers from last night’s dinner – just as good on day 2.  I didn’t get my 15 minutes on the MagneTrainer in yesterday – work just took longer than I expected, and it was after 10pm before I was finally finished.  So I’ll do it tonight, and I should still be on track for my goal this month.


Today was definitely a Monday….and it kicked my ass.  Didn’t sleep well last night – I was dead tired, but I just kept tossing and turning.  And then it was another day of trying to figure out what drug the guy who got fired was doing and then trying to fix the shit he screwed up.


Bette Davis that is!  TCM is doing a 24-hour Bette-fest.  And I Bette Davis!  But I am very disappointed they aren’t airing “The Little Foxes“, “Of Human Bondage“, “Jezebel“, or EVEN “All About Eve!”  But at least I did get my “Now, Voyager” fix.

Didn’t get the morning walk done – mainly because I wound up sleeping until 9:30 (sublime…).  Haven’t ruled out a swim yet because I like to do that at about 10-11 at night when the pool is (hopefully) empty.  Why so late?  I HATE sharing lanes when I swim laps.


I need to stop barely eating through the day, then consuming most of my calories for dinner!  Did it again today…

For dinner I tried out my first meal from The Organic Dish – Gnocchi Basil Pesto with Chicken:


It was so delish!  And easy and quick to make….I suspect I’ll be a repeat customer.