Had my first Pilates session yesterday….  It was AMAZING, and although it was really hard, I survived.  And last night I was feeling pretty cocky – I was tired and a bit sore, but nothing horrible.  Then comes today…  OMFG my “core” is killing me every time I move.  I have muscles that I’m “feeling” today that I didn’t even know I HAD!

I signed up and paid for 15 more WEEKLY sessions…  HP said weekly would be better than every other week.  So I decided to commit!  And since she’s the fiancee of my ET, I don’t stand a chance of just skipping out on her.  Next Session?  Wednesday, 9/2 at 18:30.


Banged out three of my 101 in 1001 items….

YAY!  Sharing the bounty of the de-cluttering with friends, so they are coming over Sunday to pick up their goodies.  Also have a HUGE lot of cross stitch stuff for sale on eBay.  It’ll feel so good when it’s out of the house.

Getting rid of crap is surprisingly tiring…and it was kind of cooler and damp feeling here today so my friggin’ knee is killing me.  Hopefully 20 minutes on the hated MagneTrainer will help it feel better…


Is anyone else ready for this week to be the hell OVER?


Just when I think I’ve found all the stupid things a SysAdmin could possibly do to fuck up some systems, I find MORE stupid things!  Things that require downtime to fix, and therefore my time on the weekend.  *grumble*  If I ever have the misfortune to again encounter the moron the company fired, my foot is going to meet his ass…