Okay – I put on my big girl pants and approved those comments I was bitching about a few days back.  Having them in my queue to moderate meant I was reminded of them every time I did anything on my blog – and that was more annoying that just approving them and letting them go.  If you are curious, you can find them here and here.

As for me – I have put them in a bubble and let them go.

Had a good day today – definitely on plan for eating, only the lightest of dips into Halloween candy – and thankfully that candy is now completely gone!  I’m on track (yeah after TWO WHOLE DAYS) for my goal of average daily calories.  I see the Evil Trainer tomorrow – and I’ll do my cardio before I see him.  My knee is feeling pretty good, so I’ll give the elliptical another shot and see if the knee can take that.

I didn’t weigh myself this morning – not because I was late, but because I made a decision to wait until Friday.  And really who needs to start a MONDAY on a scale??  Not this terminal-case-of-the-mondays girl!  ;)

I’m also wondering if the insomnia I’ve been fighting for the past week and a half or so won’t clear up once the consumption of candy stops.  Thinking about it, I believe it did coincide with the start of my fall off the wagon….  Fingers are crossed – because I’m really feeling crappy from lack of sleep.

Banged out three of my 101 in 1001 items….

YAY!  Sharing the bounty of the de-cluttering with friends, so they are coming over Sunday to pick up their goodies.  Also have a HUGE lot of cross stitch stuff for sale on eBay.  It’ll feel so good when it’s out of the house.

Getting rid of crap is surprisingly tiring…and it was kind of cooler and damp feeling here today so my friggin’ knee is killing me.  Hopefully 20 minutes on the hated MagneTrainer will help it feel better…


My last post got me thinking about de-cluttering…

I can de-clutter the house – go through the drawers and the closets, getting rid of all the “stuff” I have that clutters up my house and my mind.  I can make things clean and clutter free.  A bit daunting at the moment, but with some concentrated effort, I can do it.

But how do I de-clutter my soul?  Get rid of all the crap that I’ve been dragging around my entire life that I can’t seem to let go of?  The stuff I have no idea HOW to let go of?


FINALLY got the system problem resolved at about 23:30 last night.  THANK GOD!  Had to do a small amount of work this morning- but I actually got to enjoy my day!

To celebrate, I finally ordered myself an “Entertainment Center” (okay, it’s really a long, low dresser) from Room & Board.  Check it out: