It’s been a long friggin’ week at work, and I’m REALLY looking forward to having the next four days off…

I’ve already fallen off the Lent wagon – mainly because I forgot that I was not going to eat meat on Fridays, and I had roast beef today.   BUT I am sticking to my vow of no pop/vending machine snacks, so I got that going for me  ;)

I’ve got Pilates tomorrow morning, and then perhaps if I’m in the mood, I may go to the pool for some water walking.  If it’s nice outside, I’m thinking the pool will be pretty empty.  AND I have to get my butt to 24-hour Fitness to cancel my membership – I keep forgetting to do that…  I’m also retaining water like the friggin’ Hoover Dam!  My weight has gone up almost 4 pounds in the last 2 days, and my ankles are just finally starting to feel normal.  Just goes to show me the amount of salt in frozen dinners is hell on my system – no matter how much water I drink.

I also discovered today that Kashi granola bars are dangerous for me to have around – they are sooo good that I just stuff my face with them, so they are now banned from my house!  On the plus side, I believe I hit my daily requirement of fiber for today.  Actually according to my Diet Power software, I ate 192% of my daily recommended fiber.

And this may sound crazy, but I think that after just a couple days on the non-Generic Thyroid meds that I can feel the difference.  I’m sure I’m imagining it – or just really wanting it to be true.

Reverting to my Catholic upbringing – Lent starts tomorrow so I’m giving up some things for it!  (Mom would be so proud!):

  1. NO SNACKS at work – this means crackers, candy, vending machine junk, etc.  Lets just say I over snacked today, and although I am not over on my calories, my tummy isn’t happy.
  2. NO Pop at work (again, it’s really the only time I have it)
  3. NO meat on Fridays – instead of Meatless Monday, I’m going to have Meatless Fridays in keeping with Lent

As a kid I always vowed to give up sweets, but since my birthday is ALWAYS during lent, I always made an exception for that – and since I’m turning 50 this year, I’d be making a HUGE exception (I hear through the grapevine that there will be my favorite cake at the party – WHITE WEDDING CAKE!!!!)

No Evil Trainer tonight – he called last night and asked me to reschedule to tomorrow – so I’ll have Water Aerobics in the morning, and him at night…  I’m gonna be friggin’ EXHAUSTED!  My knees are achy today – I may have to pop an Aleve tonight before bed.