The class was fun, and I’m totally hooked now!  I’ve got about 5 oz of handspun yarn drying in the bathroom, and I’ve just spinning 3 oz more, and I have another 3 oz left to spin and finish.

It’s so totally relaxing to do. I spin and I don’t think about my funk or the holidays or anything – I just spin, and relax.

My First Handspun

I haven’t fallen off the wagon – okay, maybe once or twice I was being drug just a bit, but I’m still trying to work on my eating habits, and working out.  The Evil Trainer kicked my ass hard tuesday, and I see him again tomorrow morning, and then Pilates Saturday morning.  Pilates is going to be tough because I have a dinner party for a friend’s birthday to attend Friday evening, so I’ll have to not imbibe much or stay out godawful late.  I knitted him a scarf for his present – it’s very nice if I do say so myself:

Scarf for Steve

I’m just going to hold on for the next couple weeks through the holiddays, and (hopefully) get my weightloss groove back after the first of the year.  ET didn’t do December measurements, so we are going to do them first session in January.  I also have not been weighing myself – but I suspect I’m still hovering at around 355 based on the way my pants are fitting.  Haven’t been tracking my food either – well, other than a couple run-ins with fast food, and a binge.  But really, I’m doing well compared to how I usually am during the holidays, so I’m just going to focus on the positive!