Pilates yesterday, Evil Trainer today, Evil Trainer tomorrow, and Pilates Saturday….  I may not survive…  The muscles near my “lady parts” and my ass are killing me!  And after today’s workout, I suspect my shoulders/arms will be killing me tomorrow.  I used to be able to see the Evil Trainer 4 days in a row and not be dying from it, but clearly my year off (the sabbatical as ET and I now call it) was not the best thing I could have done for myself…

I can tell you I will have EARNED the lunch tomorrow with a friend and a FABULOUS Sunday Brunch at Le Central on Sunday with the BGBF….  Too bad cassoulet isn’t a brunch dish… Apres brunch we are hitting a new (to us) yarn shoppe, then off to our favorite local chocolate shop and spice shop… And then it will be time for tea…  It’s going to be a wonderful Sunday!

Next week (probably Wednesday) is weigh/measure day.  I haven’t stepped on the scale this month, and frankly I don’t care what it says – I’m more interested in what my measurements are… I’ve been VERy good with seeing the Evil Trainer and doing Pilates this month so I’m hoping my measurements will reflect that.

And I found out on Tuesday that the place I’m contracting at is going to extend me for another month – so I’m employed through February.  *sigh of relief*  And the company I’m sub contracting to on this gig may have a couple other things for me if they can get their clients on board.  *fingers crossed*  I’m still looking just in case things don’t work out, but I’m hoping they do and I don’t have to go back to being a “real” employee for a while yet…

My BGBF and I are taking a spinning class tonight!  No – not THAT kind of spinning!  Spinning as in yarn!  We are going to learn how to spin yarn.  :D

I may not have mentioned but I’m a knitter.  Here is my much neglected knitting blog if you are interested.

Ever since the BGBF and I went to the Estes Park Wool Market this past June, we’ve both wanted to learn to spin so we can make our own fabulous yarn to knit fabulous things with.  Tonight’s class is for drop-spindle spinning, and if we like it and actually do some of it apres class, then we are both planning to take a class where we learn to spin using a spinning wheel.

After the class we are meeting another friend at a wonderful bar in Denver called Delite – they serve the most amazing cocktails and nibblies.  I’ve been looking forward to it ALL week.

Sadly I can’t stay out and party it up because I actually have to go into the office tomorrow.  The place I’m contracting at works 4-10’s with Friday’s off, so I usually just work 4-9’s plus a half day from home on Friday.  But there is some big system work scheduled tomorrow so in I will have to go to do my part.   :(

But still very excited about the class tonight!!!  It will be a wonderful antidote for my current funk.