Weighed in this morning.  And I’m down to 349.8 – which means that 2 weeks of my “hard” (yeah, that’s sarcasm) work, I lost a whopping .4 pounds… At this rate I’ll reach my goal a couple weeks after I’m dead…

But it’s truly not that surprising given all the time I’ve spent with Fast Food and Pizza since the first of the year…actually I should be happy I haven’t gained…

Might I add I’m really tired of being in such a downer mood all the damn time…  I don’t even want to listen to my endless whining let alone subject others to it.

I’m just going to keep trudging along, and hope that I snap the hell out of this (or that I get medicated the hell out of this).

I see the Evil Trainer twice this week, and I have Pilates Saturday morning.  ET is working on my knee to help me strengthen it AND to help me be able to straighten it (it’s always slightly bent) – and HP is working on strengthening my inner thigh muscles (the adductors I believe).  And they BOTH are laying a world of hurt on me – but for the best reasons…

They both keep telling me the hardest part is just showing up – and I’m trying really hard to not only show up but to actually be present.  I’m better at being present with HP – because Pilates takes so damn much focus.  But I do tend to check out sometimes with ET…

Please get out of my life and STAY out of my life…  Just LEAVE ME ALONE.

I feel horrible because of you, and I couldn’t sleep last night because of you.  You aren’t worth it, and I’m hoping to finally cut you out of my life permanently.  And your nasty cousin fast food too…

The Evil Trainer did my measurements this morning.  Several were down, a couple were up, and some others didn’t change.  I’ve updated my “weighing in” tab with all the gory details.

I mainly went down in my arms & legs – which is fine especially when you consider I call my calves “cows”…  Now please nobody take offense at the next comment – but the crazies in my head are now saying I’m just going to turn into one of those fat women who carry all the weight between their neck & hips – and have stick skinny arms & legs… I’m not saying that’s bad, I’m just saying that I prefer my fat all over shape.  :)

We didn’t set specific goals for January – but I’m going to try and lose 7 pounds…

I’m also not setting any goals for minutes working out or doing cardio.  I’m just going to make it a goal to not cancel sessions.

And a more important goal f9r me at the moment is to find a new job.  Apparently the place that was all hot and heavy on me Monday has apparently changed their minds.  I haven’t had any call to schedule the in-person interview they were so desparate to do this week.

Oh well, c’est la vie…

I’ve also had 2 run-ins with pizza this week (I KNOW it’s only Wednesday!), and an encounter with Wendys.  And even as I type this, I’m thinking I want pizza again tonight…  So I need to bring back my focus on staying away from that crap.

I’ve realized how much time I waste daily on Facebook….and what does it accomplish?  Nothing… What does it keep me from doing?  Oh, little things like clean the house, go to the gym, do laundry, etc., etc., etc.

I think it’s time for a FB detox.  Effective tomorrow I’m limiting myself to 1 HOUR daily.  It may sound like a LOT of time, but I probably waste 3-4 hours on FB after work, and two to three times that on the weekends.

I spend my work days in front of a computer for my job, and there is no sense in spending my weekends and evenings wasting my time in front of one as well.

I did really retty well this weekend.  All the stuff I had set aside for Goodwill is gone – including some things in the garage I had forgotten about.  I just LOVE how de-cluttering my house actually makes it feel lighter.  

Did pretty good on the eating.  Of course there was the one McD’s incident yesterday, but I’m fast food free today.  Calorie-wise I’m doing okay, just could have made some better choices.  But nothing that could be considered a binge.

I also finalized the menu for this weekend’s Halloween Bash.

  • Meatballs
  • Hot Garlic-Artichoke Dip w/Garlic Bread
  • Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Veggies & Dip
  • Chips & Salsa
  • Crackers & Cheeses
  • Bacon Cupcakes (That’s right – BACON Cupcakes)
  • “Car Bomb” Cupcakes
  • Good Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Ribbon Pumpkin Bread
  • Tequila Sunrise Punch (I think)

I have the ingredient lists all pulled together, now I just need to make up my shopping lists, and figure out what days I need to make what.  Sounds like a lot of cooking, but I *think* it’s going to be doable.  Though I do generally tend to bite off more than I can handle.  ;)

With all the planning, and cooking, and cleaning, I do plan to make time somehow to get my cardio in… The Evil Trainer is again out of town, so I don’t need to worry about fitting him in, and I already did my Pilates for this week.  So that leaves 1 hour of cardio, and swimming one time.

Okay – time to do some cleaning in my office  :)

Couldn’t sleep last night, and when I did finally fall asleep I had horrible dreams.  So when the alarm went off at 7am I was NOT ready to get up and get my butt to Pilates… But I did.  As usual, my butt got kicked – she says I’m improving, but it still hurts like hell.

And right after Pilates I had to get my butt to the salon to get my brows down, and my hair colored and cut (aka “my widge flipped”).  And I was STARVING!  I had yogurt for breakfast, but it had worn off before I even got to Pilates… So I did something “bad”… I stopped at McD’s for an Egg McMuffin & Hash Browns.  And you know what?  It wasn’t good.  I had built it up in my head, and it just wasn’t the fabulous taste I thought it would be.  I suspect it’ll be easier for me to stay away from it now…

I know it wasn’t the best choice I could have made, but I could NOT wait 3 hours until after I was done to make a healthier choice – and frankly if I had tried, I suspect I would have wound up eating something MUCH worse.

So my Fast Food Countdown begins again…

On the PLUS side my hair and brows look FAB-U-LOUS!  Love the guys who do my hair and the girl who does my brows.  And I’m sooooo happy that they are all coming to my Halloween Party!!  YAY!

AND I accomplished one more thing today…  drum roll please….

I FINALLY took the stuff to Goodwill!!!!  Hurray!!

House feels so much lighter with it gone! Of course I already spotted some things I missed, but I can drop those things off tomorrow (famous last words).

I also went to Whole Foods to pick up some sushi, pirate booty, and meringues.  Now I get to relax for the rest of the day… ahhhhh….

That’s how many days I have to reach my goal of 299…152 days to my 49th birthday…152 days to lose ~58 pounds… Seems like too much weight, too little time… I am resisting the urge to start weighing myself daily – I know it’ll just make me crazy if I do start that again, and I promised the Evil Trainer I’d stick with once a week weigh-ins…

Today I’m also having to REALLY resist the siren song of fast food AND pizza – not sure why the cravings are so bad, I was sooo close to stopping at McD’s for breakfast – but I resisted!  19 days since my last fast food, and 24 days since my last pizza (and coincidentally my last purge as well) – don’t want to break the roll I’m on.

Also took care of some of my 101 in 1001 items…  Well I scheduled an electrician and a heating company to take care of them.  Thermostat is being replaced and the furnace cleaned this friday, and the Electrician will be here on 10/30 to take care of the replacing lights and smoke detectors.  It’ll be nice to check all that off my list of stuff to do.  :)

I know I’ve said it the past two weeks, but THIS week will be the week I take the stuff to Goodwill!  Pinky swear!  AND I’ve sold the hated MagneTrainer!  Guy is picking it up Friday.  Gotta love Craigslist!

Don’t know if I’m going to be able to do cardio tonight – I was walking around getting ready this morning and suddenly my knee felt like someone jammed a knife in it.  Still hurts like hell and doesn’t want to bend – I’m trying to gently get it moving, but I’m going to play the cardio by ear.  I have Pilates tomorrow and I was planning on 20 min of treadmill afterwards, so if I do that and some cardio on Thursday, I’ll still manage to make my goal for the week.

The massive amount of magzines, junk mail, boxes, etc have all been hauled to the recycling center – YAY!

Didn’t make the Goodwill run – plan to do that tomorrow after work since it’s just about 1-mile from my house.  And I TRIED to install the damn hallway lights – but they defeated me.  I can’t figure out how in the hell to get them up.  I’ve got the one upstairs wired, but I can’t get it tight against the wall.  After about 30-minutes of sweating, and cursing, and having having my shoulders & arms feel like they were on fire, I gave up.  I’m having an electrician come out to do some other things, so I’ll just add the lights to the list.  But that really pisses me off.

Needless to say, I didn’t make it to the gym either, but seriously, I think the lights were quite the upper body workout for me…  ;)

Plan for tomorrow (after work) is to load Squeaky the Wonder Truck up with stuff and haul it to Goodwill.  Then hit the gym afterwards for some time on the Elliptical.

I did really well on the food today.  I “needed” some sort of snack, so I bought some Pirate Booty.  Not my favorite snack, but it satisfied my need for something crunchy and snacky.  I had been having thoughts of picking up some Wendys (spicy chicken sammich specifically) – calling it my “free day”, and trying to justify it by NOT having a Frosty.  But I talked myself off that ledge thankfully.  Yay for me!  :)