Reverting to my Catholic upbringing – Lent starts tomorrow so I’m giving up some things for it!  (Mom would be so proud!):

  1. NO SNACKS at work – this means crackers, candy, vending machine junk, etc.  Lets just say I over snacked today, and although I am not over on my calories, my tummy isn’t happy.
  2. NO Pop at work (again, it’s really the only time I have it)
  3. NO meat on Fridays – instead of Meatless Monday, I’m going to have Meatless Fridays in keeping with Lent

As a kid I always vowed to give up sweets, but since my birthday is ALWAYS during lent, I always made an exception for that – and since I’m turning 50 this year, I’d be making a HUGE exception (I hear through the grapevine that there will be my favorite cake at the party – WHITE WEDDING CAKE!!!!)

No Evil Trainer tonight – he called last night and asked me to reschedule to tomorrow – so I’ll have Water Aerobics in the morning, and him at night…  I’m gonna be friggin’ EXHAUSTED!  My knees are achy today – I may have to pop an Aleve tonight before bed.





How 60 minutes of Water Aerobics doesn’t feel like work at all while you are doing them, then about 3-4 hours later I feel it in my legs, my ass, my shoulders, and arms. Which of course means I that I DID get my ass out of bed and went out into the cold, snowy morning for the first day of my 3 months of water aerobics.  And I enjoyed the hell out of it!  And I will also sleep like the dead tonight.  And I’m already looking forward to the next session on Wednesday.  :)

I may or may not drag my ass out of bed at the crack of 5am tomorrow to do water walking – I may start that next week.  BUT I am going to do it on my Fridays – since there is no class that day.  My knees ached a bit during the class, but no more than I expected.  Since I don’t hate the water (I  hate treadmills, & stationary bikes – I like ellipticals, but at present, they jut hurt too much to do for 30 minutes), I think it’s going to be a great cardio for me.  And as much as I hate getting up early, I think it will be easier for me than dragging myself to the gym after a long day at work when I’m at my most exhausted…  Well, except for the 2x a week I see the Evil trainer that is  :)

It’s been a pretty crappy year since I last blogged…  My Dad died suddenly last April, my Mom has Alzheimers, work has been hell (tho, thankfully I have been working – no unemployment at all), I still feel like ass, and yeah, that pretty much sums things up.

I don’t know where I was at weight-wise this time last year, but I think I’m pretty much at the same place – haven’t had to buy any bigger clothes at least.  I’m trying to get back on track with the Evil Trainer, and Pilates, and Cardio – if for no other reason than the hope it will help me feel better.  Next Monday I start doing water workouts from 6-7am twice a week for 3 months at the Rec Center – the hours suck, but what are you gonna do.  I’m shooting for seeing the Evil Trainer on Tues & Thurs, and then Pilates on Saturday.  Friday & Sunday I get to rest.

Oh yeah, and I turn 50 in 10 days, and I just got my first membership offer from AARP in the mail yesterday.  BLARGH!!!!

Well aren’t I just a little ray of sunshine?  :)

For the next 2 months, my goals with the Trainer are modest – and they mostly involve me just moving more, and staying away from the pizza binges & junk food.  No weight loss goals at all.  We are easing me back into things.  Starting completely over – rather than dwelling on the past.  And I think that is a very good way to get me going again.  I guess he does sometimes know what he’s talking about…  Though I can never admit that to him  ;)

I’m also looking into therapy – seriously.  I thought I had found a place, but they only do Intensive Outpatient Therapy – and that translates to 4 hours a day, 5 days a week.  But they had a recommendation for another place, and that as it turns out is right across the street from where I work (well, until my office moves in 2 weeks – but it will still be close enough for a lunch session if needed).

I have some travel plans in the Spring, and I’m pondering a week at Lake Austin Resort & Spa in the Fall – a little health & relaxation trip just for me.  It’s kind of pricey, but I’m thinking it will be my 50th birthday present to myself.  I saw it on the first 5 episodes of Heavy on A&E and it just looks LOVELY!

In light of the results for my blood work, and the fact that I’m facing MORE bloodwork (blech), I have a plan for the next couple months that will hopefully help me show an improvement specifically in my cholesterol/LDL & Vitamin D levels (not much I can do about my thyroid).

  1. NO Fast Food or Pizza!
  2. Exercise
    1. Cardio 2x a week
    2. Evil Trainer 2x week
    3. Pilates 1x week
  3. 50,000 units Vitamin D daily
  4. 5 servings fruit & veggies daily
  5. Log my food – it just helps me stay aware of what I eat

Did my cardio yesterday (YAY ME!) and saw the Evil Trainer this morning.  I’ll do cardio again tomorrow, then Evil Trainer Friday, and Pilates on Saturday.  And Sunday?  I’m going to nap!!!

Unfortunately I slipped all to easily back into the fast food/pizza habit and it’s going to be killer to have to break that (again).  And pizza/fast food also means I’m not eating my fruits & veggies – it’s just one damn big vicious cycle!

Just got off the phone with the doctor’s office about my bloodwork.  Some surprising and not surprising news.

Not Surprising:  Cholesterol & LDL levels are too high.  Not a shock because of the way I had been eating.  And since it’s never been and issue, I know if I stop with the fast food & pizza, they will come back to normal.

Surprising:  Thyroid levels indicate that my thyroid is not producing high enough levels of whatever it produces.  She wants to do another test before she prescibes meds.

Also Surprising:  Vitamin D levels are too low and I need to take 50,000 units of Vitamin D daily for 8 weeks then get retested.

So I have a followup appointment with her on 3/18 to chat and be retested then I see her again for my actual physical and lady parts exam on 4/5.  I forsee two more encounters with the vampire in my very near future….  *sigh*

Usually I’m a BIG fan of cold and snow – but I’m so ready for spring… Thankfully the days are getting longer and it’s no longer dark at 4 in the afternoon!  But I’m ready for green and gardening and rain.

I think a lot of my longing for spring is because of the bad winter funk I’ve been dealing with.  But I have to admit I *think* the antidepressant has started to help.  I don’t feel like I’m full of rainbows and puppies, but I’m definitely feeling less dark.  But the cold just makes me want to stay curled up under a blanket in front of the fire.

So with it snowing here in Denver, and me only working a half day at home, guess where I didn’t go?  That’s right!  The gym… for cardio.  But I’m bringing my workout gear with me tomorrow and I’m stopping at the gym on the way home – PINKY SWEAR!

Looks like I may have an interview for a job this week.  And hopefully another one I was submitted for as well.  I’ve learned to not get my hopes up, so I guess I’ll see if either pans out…  I’m not a pessimist, I just firmly believe if I get all hopeful and confident, I’ll jinx things.  :)

And I’m still trying to figure out how to get my focus & motivation back.  I’ve been “trying” to lose weight since August of 2009, and I’ve lost just under 15 pounds and 21″ – and while the inch loss is wonderful, the pounds lost is pathetic!  I know I can do better if I can just somehow motivate myself.  I’m hoping that doing the cardio and seeing progress with it (i.e., endurance) will help.

I need to get it back.  I spent this afternoon in the arms of Pizza Hut – and I don’t even LIKE Pizza Hut, I was just craving it…

I’m sure part of it was due to work stress – the maintenance I had to work on did not go at ALL smoothly partly because I didn’t do enough research on some of the software upgrades.  And I’m VERY hard on myself when I drop the ball on something for work…

I didn’t make it to the gym for my cardio, but I’m going tomorrow morning.