Left work early on tuesday because I was feeling sick….thought it was because of lunch….but 2 days later and my digestive system is still less than happy…

Needless to say the plans for working out this week were derailed….BUT I’m seeing the Evil Trainer tomorrow morning, and Saturday I am trying Pilates.  Come hell or high water for both.  Period.


No run ins with fast food, diet soda, pudding, or donuts!  YAY!  I did have a bite sized candy bar after lunch – I always crave a touch of sweets after spicy food…and it was just a bite sized bar – so no harm, no foul.

My plan for tomorrow?  Kick ass in a similar manner to today.  :D

My scale crazies are starting to act up.  In my head I’m thinking how can I know if I’m making progress towards my weight for my Sept weigh-in if I’m not weighing myself?  I know I get to weigh this friday, but the scale is calling me… Man, I hate that bitch.