Stuck with my plan of spending this weekend painting – and I’m tired and sore from it.  BUT the colors look fabulous so it’s all worth it.

I also managed to injure myself in a completely unexpected manner – I reached into my freezer to unjam some ice built up at the back of the ice maker – and found that there was a piece of SEARING HOT METAL that has blistered the crap out of two fingers.  GODDAMN IT HURTS!  So now I’m thinking that fridge is going to get replaced sooner than planned…stupid damn thing…

I survived the long weekend so far VERY well.  Had a bit too much pumpkin pie on Thursday, but still managed to keep it in my calorie range – YAY!  And I did well yesterday and today because I was busy painting and not just sitting around snacking.

Since the Evil Trainer is out of town this coming Friday, we are moving my weigh/measure day to Tuesday.  I didn’t weigh myself Friday, so I’m not sure where I’m at goal-wise, but I guess I find out soon enough!

Also had a successful Buy Nothing Day on Friday – well, almost successful…  I did watch TV (Fox Movie Channel), but other than that, there was no shopping, no internet, no phone use, no use of my car from dawn till dusk.  I didn’t watch much TV, it was on for my “noise” and I watched bits of movies while I was on paint breaks.  So I’m calling it successful  :P

It was a good weekend – even with the foot of snow I had to shovel today  :)  The snow kept me from having to drive into the office to do some systems work I had scheduled, and I was able to do it all from home in my robe – which is ALWAYS a good thing!

Did pretty good on the food this weekend – although I did wait WAY too long to eat yesterday, and then overate when I did eat.  Came out okay on calories, but I was really uncomfortably full for several hours – a feeling I did not enjoy.  Today I’ve done much better I’m pleased to report.  And I have to say that being “just full” feels a billion times better than feeling like I’ve been stuffed to the gills.  Not a fan of feeling hungry, but “just full” is nice.

Something odd to report as well – had the TV on (as always – it’s my noise in the house) and a Pizza commercial came on – and it didn’t even look good to me!  Didn’t make me want pizza at all.  It was an odd thing to realize – because seeing some sort of food is generally a guarantee that I will then crave that food.

All in all it was an amazingly good week for me!  And I’m hoping the upcoming week is just as good!  Have to take the good weeks and make the most of them while they last…

Next weekend I have to pick up the paint and supplies to need to get the living/dining room painted over the long Turkey Day weekend.  As part of Adbusters Buy Nothing Day on 11/27, I’m vowing from dusk till dawn no shopping, no TV, no radio, no use of my car, and no computer use – no TV is going to be a killer for me.  BUT I’ll be spending the daylight hours painting upstairs where there is no TV – as long as I stay away from the TV downstairs I’ll be fine.  And no FB for a day is nothing but good.

So my plan for this week is:

  1. Evil Trainer 2x
  2. Pilates 1x
  3. Continue to kick ass