Hi – I’m Pam, nice to meet you…  :)

I’m older than I care to admit and when I started this blog lived in Denver with my boxer Angus… Sadly Angus crossed the rainbow bridge on 4/2/2013.

Say Hello to Angus

Say Hello to Angus

THEN:  My English Mastiff Dutch (AKA The Big Man) now fills the empty space in my heart and ALL the space in my house.

Dutch says Hi!

Dutch says Hi!

NOW: The Big Man is now almost 13 1/2 – so he’s slowed down.  And I’m not sure which one of us has a harder time with the damn stairs!

I’ve been a Fat Girl all my life.  I think I’ve also tried just about every diet there is.  I’ve decided that I don’t want to be such a fat girl any longer.

I don’t aspire to be a stick and wear a single digit size – that doesn’t appeal to me at all.  I’d be happy just to have my clothing size start with a “1.”  My goal weight is 225 – which means I want to lose about 150 pounds.

That’s a LOT of weight I know.  I’ve lost 100 pounds before – but sadly life got in my way and I let myself get derailed and gained it all back.  I’m not going to let that happen again!

THEN:  I have a personal trainer I work with whom I refer to as the Evil Trainer.  He helped me lose the weight before and has never given up hope that I’ll lose it again and keep it off.  I know no matter how much I hate him some days, he’s behind me 100%, and is only pushing me to help me grow, or should I say shrink?

Say Hello the the Evil Trainer

Say Hello the the Evil Trainer

NOW: I’m still touch with the Evil Trainer (and he’s still Evil) and I plan to start working with him again at some point – but for now I need to focus on being more mobile.  And I don’t need a trainer for that…

THEN:  Speaking of shrink, I see one of those as well to try and get a handle on my lifelong issues with food.  Progress is being made slowly, but it’s progress nonetheless.

NOW:  I’m currently not seeing the shrink any longer after almost 6 years.  I felt like I had the tools to try and make a go of things on my own.  But who knows, I may go back…

THEN:  I’m not following anybody’s diet plan, not taking any pills or powders.  I am pondering WLS – specific Gastric Plication – but I’m hoping that I can do this without surgery.

NOW:  I’m having Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery on 6-August-2018.  I decided that if I don’t do something drastic, then in under 10 years I’ll be in a wheelchair because my knees can’t take it anymore…

Since I’m trying to not have my entire life revolve around my weight, I’m sure I’ll be writing about other things as well.  I love to cook, garden, draw, read, knit, and I’ve got some DIY plans for the 60+ year old house I own.

So welcome, and if you are reading my blog, I’d love to hear your comments….

the fat girl, 29-march-2018

11 Responses to “About Me”

  1. mommyinmotion Says:

    Best of luck to you! I think that going with plain ol’ common sense is better than pills, powders, or plans anyway!

  2. missyrayn Says:

    Good for you for doing it the right way. Your body will thank you in the long run.

    1. TheFatGirlBlogs Says:

      Thanks! BTW – I’ve been reading your blog, and am now stalking following you on Twitter :D

  3. Dear Pam,
    Great that you’re sticking with your Evil Trainer and do your healthy eating! I am for it!
    I wrote a weight loss motivational book that I give away to anybody who’d like to read it and take a very different prospective on weight loss.
    It’s an eBook and it’s FREE. It’s delivered to your email as a serialized book several chapters per week. It’s not a diet or advice or anything like that. It helps to take a look at the emotional inner self and discover why we do what we do.
    Let me know if you need any support! Try a few chapters. Hope that will support you in what you’re doing now.
    With love and admiration,
    PS: The FREE book in on my blog, on the right-side navigation. You’ll see right away. I’ll be visiting you here!

  4. chasingless Says:

    Hey, Pam —
    I can really relate to what you’re saying. I’m embarking on a similar journey at age 42 and live here in the Pike’s Peak region. Kudos to you for working with the trainer, despite his “evil” ways. You go, girl!

    1. TheFatGirlBlogs Says:

      Thanks and best of luck to you on your journey! :)

  5. Okay, first of all…I’m with you. I’ve lost about 54 pounds, and I have a lot left to lose. I started in April, and I’m doing it through healthy eating and exercise. I enjoy it more than I could have imagined which is awesome. :)
    Secondly, evil trainer = total hottie! My trainer is a girl though I’m wishing I had a super hot male trainer at the moment thanks to you!
    I found you through Diz on Twitter and look forward to reading more of your blog..!

    1. TheFatGirlBlogs Says:

      LOL! I tell my trainer he’s the annoying little brother that I never wanted – I can’t even *think* of him as super hot…

      54 pounds is AWESOME! I’m currently struggling through the first 10 pounds – but I know I’ll get there!

  6. Kaye Says:

    Hello Pam!

    I live in Denver as well. I’m on a weight loss journey myself. Wearing a BodyBugg and eating healthy. It’s been 2 weeks and a slow start. Just found out I have thryroid issues, but I’m not gonna use that as an excuse!

    If you need a walking/hiking buddy, email me. I live in the Highlands hood and have several great lakes to walk around. (Hiking when this darn snow melts…or next spring…whichever is first!)

    I’m a foodie…as it sounds like you are too! I actually am a caterer and work in a gourmet market, so I’m surrounded by food all day every day.

    Best of luck to you!


    1. TheFatGirlBlogs Says:

      Hi Kaye!

      Nice to meet a fellow Denver dieter! i’ll definitely take you up on the walking buddy thing – and you know all this snow will be gone by next week – that’s what I love about Denver. I live in “old skool” Englewood – Broadway & Hampden – not too bad a drive between you and I.

      I’m a total foodie and I have to ask – what shop do you work in?? I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for new gourmet shops ;)

      Thanks & Good luck to you!
      Pam :)

  7. I am with you all the way. Please forgive the blog I wrote titled “When Life Sucks, Eat Chocolate.” I need to lose weight too and now I’m on bed rest for a torn ligament in my heel. but i’ve had other excuses before. I am proud of you and for you. maybe you will be my inspiration, i’ve had a rough 2 years. I live in NY and WISH i could walk again (though when it’s cold i’m a real wimp). Good luck to you, I will be following your success.(oh and forgive the other food inspired blogs like “The Tuna Test.” HOW am I going to lose weight,I have no idea!!

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