First of all – 112 days to WLS.  Time is going fast!!

But the big news has nothing to do with the surgery.  After years of trying to figure out who she is, I have finally found my birth mother (yeah, I’m adopted).

A few years back, I found out who my birth father was, and confirmed that I had identified the right person.  I “met” some cousins on that side of the tree who were so very kind and sent me all kinds of pics of him (I definitely look like him).  But my birth mother remained elusive.  She had used one last name at the home where I was born (Graves), and another on my birth certificate (Graham).  Last week someone on 23andme contacted me because we were projected to be 1st cousins – and after some information comparison, I can confirm with confidence that she used her real name in the home where I was born – and not on the birth certificate as I had been assuming!

She is still alive and living in Utah.  I’m not sure I want to contact her however.  For now, just knowing who she is is enough to satisfy my curiosity.  I honestly had enough issues with my Mom that I know it’s not a can of worms I want to open.

The cousin from 23andme talked his mother, and she’s going to try and find some pics of my birth mom and her siblings (total of 8!  6 boys and 2 girls), so I’m looking forward to seeing those.

I do have to admit that all this news did lead to some stress eating for me, and my stomach is currently paying the price.  No use dwelling on my slip-up, just need to get back on track.