How 60 minutes of Water Aerobics doesn’t feel like work at all while you are doing them, then about 3-4 hours later I feel it in my legs, my ass, my shoulders, and arms. Which of course means I that I DID get my ass out of bed and went out into the cold, snowy morning for the first day of my 3 months of water aerobics.  And I enjoyed the hell out of it!  And I will also sleep like the dead tonight.  And I’m already looking forward to the next session on Wednesday.  :)

I may or may not drag my ass out of bed at the crack of 5am tomorrow to do water walking – I may start that next week.  BUT I am going to do it on my Fridays – since there is no class that day.  My knees ached a bit during the class, but no more than I expected.  Since I don’t hate the water (I  hate treadmills, & stationary bikes – I like ellipticals, but at present, they jut hurt too much to do for 30 minutes), I think it’s going to be a great cardio for me.  And as much as I hate getting up early, I think it will be easier for me than dragging myself to the gym after a long day at work when I’m at my most exhausted…  Well, except for the 2x a week I see the Evil trainer that is  :)