In light of the results for my blood work, and the fact that I’m facing MORE bloodwork (blech), I have a plan for the next couple months that will hopefully help me show an improvement specifically in my cholesterol/LDL & Vitamin D levels (not much I can do about my thyroid).

  1. NO Fast Food or Pizza!
  2. Exercise
    1. Cardio 2x a week
    2. Evil Trainer 2x week
    3. Pilates 1x week
  3. 50,000 units Vitamin D daily
  4. 5 servings fruit & veggies daily
  5. Log my food – it just helps me stay aware of what I eat

Did my cardio yesterday (YAY ME!) and saw the Evil Trainer this morning.  I’ll do cardio again tomorrow, then Evil Trainer Friday, and Pilates on Saturday.  And Sunday?  I’m going to nap!!!

Unfortunately I slipped all to easily back into the fast food/pizza habit and it’s going to be killer to have to break that (again).  And pizza/fast food also means I’m not eating my fruits & veggies – it’s just one damn big vicious cycle!