Just got off the phone with the doctor’s office about my bloodwork.  Some surprising and not surprising news.

Not Surprising:  Cholesterol & LDL levels are too high.  Not a shock because of the way I had been eating.  And since it’s never been and issue, I know if I stop with the fast food & pizza, they will come back to normal.

Surprising:  Thyroid levels indicate that my thyroid is not producing high enough levels of whatever it produces.  She wants to do another test before she prescibes meds.

Also Surprising:  Vitamin D levels are too low and I need to take 50,000 units of Vitamin D daily for 8 weeks then get retested.

So I have a followup appointment with her on 3/18 to chat and be retested then I see her again for my actual physical and lady parts exam on 4/5.  I forsee two more encounters with the vampire in my very near future….  *sigh*