It’s Monday and the wind won’t stop blowing here (and it’s a damn cold wind too!) and all I want is to eat sweets…  Seriously!  To the point of pondering mixing up some powdered sugar glaze and eating it with a spoon…  That’s just not right… And fruit is not helping as a substitute for something sweet and sugary… And because I don’t keep sweets in the house, I have nothing to satisfy the cravings… Other than homemade glaze  ;)

I had a wonderful dinner (Thai Coconut Curry with Pork from The Organic Dish) – but now I want something sweet…  Sorry to obsess…

Still looking for a job – I’ve applied for quite a few and I may have a possible good lead, but we will see how that pans out.  I’m stressed still, but trying to relax about it.  Being all wound up in knots won’t help me find a job faster, and I’ve got some savings…  So I’ll just keep looking.

I’m feeling a little less dark mentally – perhaps the funk is passing, tho it’s sure to make a comeback for VD.

On the plus side, plans for being made for the annual birthday debauchery!  Drag Queen Bingo has become the tradition for my birthday.  There’s Drag Queens, Drinking, Bingo, Bar Food, Door Prizes, AND the Bingo Wig of Shame – how can you go wrong??  :D   This year the festivities will be on Friday, Mar 12.  And as you can tell I’m already looking forward to it!  Last year I think we may have been a bigger show than the Drag Queens who were calling Bingo.

And the BGBF and I discussed plans for what I will only refer to know as my 2011 birthday (I prefer NOT to think of the age I’ll be turning!) – and the plans involve a PARTY BUS!!!!

You may be thinking I’ve given up on the weight loss – I haven’t at all.  I’m just trying to not make it the entire focus of my life – makes me too crazy.

Okay – I need to go find something to distract me from the sugar cravings….