In an allegedly good way…  HP was working on stretching my hammies and working on building up the strength of my inner things…  But bottom line?  MY ASS HURTS!  Everything she had me do involved it being clenched, and an hour of of clenching means MY ASS HURTS.  :D

And I get to do it all again tomorrow morning.  (I’m doing make up Pilates for sleeping right though my session last week)

I meant to weigh-in this morning, but honest to god forgot.  I got completely out of the habit in December… Perhaps tomorrow I’ll remember.

Didn’t find any jobs to apply for today, and I can’t spend all my time sitting on the couch not doing anything until I have a job again, so I need to figure out how to spend my time once my contract is over.

Perhaps it’s time to get my ass back into the pool and swim.  I’ll bet the pool won’t be busy during the day… And since I’m paying for a damn gym membership that I don’t ever use… Hopefully swimming will not make my knee hurt like the damn stationary bike & elliptical make it hurt.

And perhaps I’ll bang out some more items on my 101 in 1001 list – like unpacking the rest of the damn boxes, and getting the decluttering done.. and knitting, and do some painting and drawing… too early to garden – God I hope I’m not still unemployed when it IS time to garden….

I’ve decided in the job hunt to REALLY focus on a job doing what I want to do – and what I think I want to do is Project Management.  System Administration will be my backup – I’ll still look for jobs as an SA, but I’m only going to apply for ones that really sound interesting, not just for any SA job I’m qualified for.  I’m hopeful that the law of averages will be on my side, and if I apply for enough PM jobs, ONE of them will work out for me.

Trying to stay positive here…