To 2009.  Not sorry to see it end.

Hoping to recommit to my weight loss in 2010 and get some motivation for it.  I wouldn’t say I’ve abandoned it, but….

I’ve been seeing the Evil Trainer, and I’ve been doing Pilates.  And although my eating hasn’t been *that* horrible the past month or so, it hasn’t been good.

I’m not going to make any weight resolutions for the new year, I rarely ever make any, and the few times I do, I don’t follow through.  I’m merely going to try and be good to myself and live healthy AND sanely.  I will continue to see the Evil Trainer and do Pilates, and I’ll keep up on my goals of giving up fast food, diet soda, pizza, and, most importantly, bingeing.

I’m going to knit and work on my art and finally do a painting that has been rolling around in my brain.

I’m also going to try and “meet” new people.  First step is the 2 new pen pals I got today from a group on, the “P.S. I Knit!” group – one is in the UK, and the other is in the Nederlands.

I also hope to figure out a new career for myself….that is going to be tough… Especially in today’s job market.  But I’m not sure I can take yet another SysAdmin job where I hate going to work every damn day.

Basically I plan to live like there is more to me than my size and my weight – BECAUSE THERE IS!

And now to ring out the old, and ring in the new, Angus & the Christmas Lobster wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Wonderful New Year: