I saw the Evil Trainer twice, I was REALLY good on my eating, I actually managed to stop eating when I full, and NOT eat when I wasn’t hungry, my knee felt good pretty much all week, AND I lost 2.6 pounds!

And I managed to do all this while dealing with parental-induced stress (which I didn’t eat to deal with).


Here’s hoping I can keep the momentum going.  :)

No Pilates for me tomorrow – got some car stuff to take car of.  So I’m planning on trying to get in a walk – providing we aren’t getting dumped on with the snowstorm.  Also have MORE stuff to take to Goodwill – it never seems to end!

Sunday I have to actually go IN to the office to work – blech.  Unfortunately for me it’s work I can’t really do remotely.  But hopefully it will go smooth and I’ll be done in 3-4 hours.  Then once I’m done and home, I’ll be doing the blizzard dance (no, one isn’t forecast, but Denver weather forecasters can’t predict dark at night).