Well had my “First Friday” weigh & measure today.  Good news and bad news…

The bad news – I missed my goal of 350 – I weighed in at 354.6….  :(  Not surprising since I did spend about 2 weeks off the wagon in a candy & junk food haze.

The good news?  I lost 7 3/4″ inches in October!!!  The Evil Trainer is VERY pleased – and frankly so am I!  It’s a nice reminder that the scale isn’t the only measurement of success… 

I’ve been feeling much better too.  The insomnia problem seems to have resolved itself.  I really think it was all the candy that was messing me up.  So the trainer was able to really work me hard today – and tomorrow morning I get to be tortured in Pilates by his fiancee.  I’m wondering if adding the Pilates in weekly isn’t helping give me that big boost in inches lost – didn’t want to say that to the Evil Trainer because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.  :)  I think the combo of his workouts with the Pilates could be just what the doctor ordered.

I’m hoping after Pilates tomorrow I’ll have the energy to do some painting of the ceiling on the main floor.  I’m all excited to get the ceiling done, so I can begin to work on my plans for the walls!

I had pondered some GORGEOUS wallpaper for one of the walls (where the “dining room” will be):

But when I measured the wall and did the estimates of how much I’d have to buy it came to 4 rolls.  I know that doesn’t sound like much – but that gorgeous paper is $200 a roll!  So I’m working on plan B.  I need some paint samples to decide on the colors to use… I want to do the “dining room” in a blue-gray, and the living room in a darker gray – for whatever reason I’m currently obsessed with gray walls.

The last house I owned I painted the Living Room/Dining Room Red (true red) with a Pearl White 4″ high stripe so I had a good place to hang artwork.  And the kitchen had 2 “Fiesta Pink” walls.  Perhaps I’m a tad burned out on mad colors.  And yes, I DID have to beige the place up to sell it.  ;)

I’m also going to stop by Lamps Plus and (hopefully) check out the new wall sconces I think I want for those walls as well:

And I’m craving Irish Stew, so I’m going to make some of that as well  – found a couple different recipes I’m going to mash up.  Red Wine & Guiness will be involved.  Have the stew meat thawing in the fridge now.  My parents are stopping by for a bit on Sunday, so I may make a pot of chili for them to take home too.

Seems I’m going to be a busy girl this weekend!