Okay – I put on my big girl pants and approved those comments I was bitching about a few days back.  Having them in my queue to moderate meant I was reminded of them every time I did anything on my blog – and that was more annoying that just approving them and letting them go.  If you are curious, you can find them here and here.

As for me – I have put them in a bubble and let them go.

Had a good day today – definitely on plan for eating, only the lightest of dips into Halloween candy – and thankfully that candy is now completely gone!  I’m on track (yeah after TWO WHOLE DAYS) for my goal of average daily calories.  I see the Evil Trainer tomorrow – and I’ll do my cardio before I see him.  My knee is feeling pretty good, so I’ll give the elliptical another shot and see if the knee can take that.

I didn’t weigh myself this morning – not because I was late, but because I made a decision to wait until Friday.  And really who needs to start a MONDAY on a scale??  Not this terminal-case-of-the-mondays girl!  ;)

I’m also wondering if the insomnia I’ve been fighting for the past week and a half or so won’t clear up once the consumption of candy stops.  Thinking about it, I believe it did coincide with the start of my fall off the wagon….  Fingers are crossed – because I’m really feeling crappy from lack of sleep.