Couldn’t sleep last night, and when I did finally fall asleep I had horrible dreams.  So when the alarm went off at 7am I was NOT ready to get up and get my butt to Pilates… But I did.  As usual, my butt got kicked – she says I’m improving, but it still hurts like hell.

And right after Pilates I had to get my butt to the salon to get my brows down, and my hair colored and cut (aka “my widge flipped”).  And I was STARVING!  I had yogurt for breakfast, but it had worn off before I even got to Pilates… So I did something “bad”… I stopped at McD’s for an Egg McMuffin & Hash Browns.  And you know what?  It wasn’t good.  I had built it up in my head, and it just wasn’t the fabulous taste I thought it would be.  I suspect it’ll be easier for me to stay away from it now…

I know it wasn’t the best choice I could have made, but I could NOT wait 3 hours until after I was done to make a healthier choice – and frankly if I had tried, I suspect I would have wound up eating something MUCH worse.

So my Fast Food Countdown begins again…

On the PLUS side my hair and brows look FAB-U-LOUS!  Love the guys who do my hair and the girl who does my brows.  And I’m sooooo happy that they are all coming to my Halloween Party!!  YAY!

AND I accomplished one more thing today…  drum roll please….

I FINALLY took the stuff to Goodwill!!!!  Hurray!!

House feels so much lighter with it gone! Of course I already spotted some things I missed, but I can drop those things off tomorrow (famous last words).

I also went to Whole Foods to pick up some sushi, pirate booty, and meringues.  Now I get to relax for the rest of the day… ahhhhh….