That’s how many days I have to reach my goal of 299…152 days to my 49th birthday…152 days to lose ~58 pounds… Seems like too much weight, too little time… I am resisting the urge to start weighing myself daily – I know it’ll just make me crazy if I do start that again, and I promised the Evil Trainer I’d stick with once a week weigh-ins…

Today I’m also having to REALLY resist the siren song of fast food AND pizza – not sure why the cravings are so bad, I was sooo close to stopping at McD’s for breakfast – but I resisted!  19 days since my last fast food, and 24 days since my last pizza (and coincidentally my last purge as well) – don’t want to break the roll I’m on.

Also took care of some of my 101 in 1001 items…  Well I scheduled an electrician and a heating company to take care of them.  Thermostat is being replaced and the furnace cleaned this friday, and the Electrician will be here on 10/30 to take care of the replacing lights and smoke detectors.  It’ll be nice to check all that off my list of stuff to do.  :)

I know I’ve said it the past two weeks, but THIS week will be the week I take the stuff to Goodwill!  Pinky swear!  AND I’ve sold the hated MagneTrainer!  Guy is picking it up Friday.  Gotta love Craigslist!

Don’t know if I’m going to be able to do cardio tonight – I was walking around getting ready this morning and suddenly my knee felt like someone jammed a knife in it.  Still hurts like hell and doesn’t want to bend – I’m trying to gently get it moving, but I’m going to play the cardio by ear.  I have Pilates tomorrow and I was planning on 20 min of treadmill afterwards, so if I do that and some cardio on Thursday, I’ll still manage to make my goal for the week.