Slept through the alarm, Angus also overslept and didn’t wake me up until 8:15 so I missed Pilates – but I’m rescheduled for Wednesday evening.  Apparently the cold, snowy day won.  :)

Well I did it – cardio last night that is…. And let’s just say that I SERIOUSLY overestimated my knee’s ability to do the Elliptical.  Even if the Evil Trainer hadn’t squashed my plan, my knee would have done it first time on the Elliptical.  I made it for all of 10 minutes – .6 miles – before I had to get off.  So I did another 10 minutes on the treadmill and then my knee was done!  So I’m going to have to start slowly and not charge in like I haven’t spent the last 2 years on the couch.  :)

With that in mind, I’m slightly revising my Biggest Loser Challenge Goals for this week:

  1. Pilates 1x
  2. Swim 2x – 30 min
  3. Cardio 3x – 20min
  4. No Fast Food/Pizza
  5. 3 pound weight loss
  6. Take stuff to Goodwill
  7. Clean Kitchen