Just got back from having my ass kicked by the Evil Trainer.  I shared with him my plan of doing 10-miles a week on the elliptical.  And he nixed it.  He’s worried that my knee won’t handle it and he doesn’t want me to have a setback because of it…

Okay, fair enough.

For the time being he wants me to start with 2-miles twice a week, and if my knee is feeling okay, then add another half mile – no more than 5-miles a week.  He also doesn’t want me swimming an hour, just 30-minutes for now.

He hasn’t steered me wrong before, so I’m going to follow his instructions…for once…he’ll be shocked…  :D

He’s also out of town for a week now, so I won’t see him again until a week from Friday, so other than Pilates, I’m on my own.  Time to buck up and get my butt to the gym so when he comes back from hunting, I can report success to him.    Sometimes I just have to mess with his mind by actually doing what he asks me to do…  >:)