Oh sure it was cold this morning, and I would have MUCH preferred to stay in my nice warm, comfortable bed rather than get up and go to Pilates.  But I drug my butt out of bed and went.  And (as usual) she worked me hard – though the hated leg circles did seem just a *touch* easier for me today.  But I was exhausted when we were done, so after stopping at Whole Foods, I came home and took a nap.

I do get to check a couple things off my goals for this week (and my 101 in 1001 list):

  1. Evil Trainer 2x
  2. Pilates 1x – DONE!
  3. Swim 1x – 60 min
  4. Cardio – 10 miles on Elliptical, however many sessions that takes
  5. No Fast Food/Pizza
  6. 2 pound weight loss
  7. Put up the new Hall Lights
  8. Finish putting together 2 new Flor Rugs – DONE!
  9. Haul Magazines to recycling
  10. Take stuff to Goodwill

I know, I could have done more – but I didn’t.  :-P

Tomorrow I plan to make the recycling/Goodwill run, and get the two hallway lights up.  I’m also planning a trip to the gym for Elliptical session #1 – I’m aiming for 5-miles.  But first I HAVE get rid of the recycling/Goodwill stuff.  Yes – it IS a higher priority than working out!

I did treat myself today with my current favorite sweet treat – lemon meringue cookies!  They are lemon flavored meringues – light and oh so yummy!  Not too calorie heavy either.  Tonight for dinner, I’m having shrimp – plain old steamed large shrimp with cocktail sauce – I was craving it.  I also bought som fresh figs – a rarity in Denver – for my dessert treat.  :)