One week down in the Biggest Loser Challenge.  How did I do???

Weighed in at 357 this morning – so I LOST 4.8 POUNDS!   WOO-HOO!!

Here is a recap of all my goals for week 1:

Evil Trainer 2x
Pilates 1x
Swim 1x
Cardio 2x – 30 min each
No Fast Food/Pizza
2 pound weight loss

I only did one Cardio session, and never made it to the pool, but 4 out of 6 ain’t bad!

Here are my goals for week 2:

  1. Evil Trainer 2x
  2. Pilates 1x
  3. Swim 1x – 60 min
  4. Cardio – 10 miles on Elliptical, however many sessions that takes
  5. No Fast Food/Pizza
  6. 2 pound weight loss
  7. Put up the new Hall Lights
  8. Finish putting together 2 new Flor Rugs
  9. Haul Magazines to recycling
  10. Take stuff to Goodwill

I’m working in some of my 101 in 1001 goals in with the challenge, as well as some cleanup for the Halloween party which is only 22 days away.  :)

Work got in my way this morning so I had to reschedule the Evil Trainer – thankfully he had a slot open at 3pm.  Now – legs hurt, shoulders hurt, abs hurt….that bastard.  And tomorrow I get to subject myself to Pilates…I’m tired just thinking out it…