I recently learned that someone I know has a goal to run 1200 MILES in 2009 (she’s already completed 1070 miles).  AMAZING!  INCREDIBLE!  Granted, it’s not something I want to do, but it got me thinking.

What if rather than having a goal of (slogging through) 30 min of cardio twice a week, that instead I had a goal of completing X number of miles on the Elliptical or Swimming each week/month/year?  Might that make me a bit more interested in doing the hated cardio?  I think perhaps it would…  And hopefully it would get me to STOP STARING AT THE TIMER while I’m doing it.

So what’s the number?  How many miles can I cover on an Elliptical in a 30-min session?  I’m guessing ~2 miles… So in theory 4 miles a week, 26 weeks a year, 104 miles a year…  That doesn’t sound impressive at all (perhaps because I’m comparing it to Cathy running 1200 miles)…  hmmmm…

Okay – here’s the plan for the remainder of 2009 – 10 miles a week on the Elliptical, with a goal of 5 miles each session (however long 5 miles takes).  YEP!  That is now the plan.

Now for the swimming.  Since I want to be able to do the St. Croix Coral Reef Swim for my 50th Birthday (2011), I need to be able to swim 5 miles in open water in 4 hours.  That means I need to be able to swim 1.25 miles in an hour – in open water.  And I have never swum that fast in my fat life.  Three or so years back when I was swimming regularly, I think my best time for a mile in the pool was 75 minutes.

Even though the ULTIMATE goal is the 5-mile swim, I think I should start out with the 2-mile swim (assuming they do it yearly, I think this is first year) for my 50th.  THEN come back for the 5-mile for my 51st.  For the 2-mile swim, I have to be able to complete it in 2.5 hours, that’s 1 mile in 75 minutes.  A far more attainable goal for me presently.

So for the remainder of 2008, I need to work up to being able to swim for one mile in the pool – that’s 33 laps.  So I’ll aim for 1 mile a week through the end of this year.

Also adding these goals to my Biggest Loser Challenge goals:

  1. 25 pound weight loss
  2. Swimming 1 hour 1 time a week
    • Swim 1 mile a week
  3. NO Fast food or Pizza
  4. Cardio 2x a week for 20-30 min
    • 10 Miles a week on the Elliptical
  5. Pilates 1x a week
  6. Evil Trainer 1-2x a week (as schedule, his and mine, allows)