Woke up this morning with a migraine and my allergies were killing me too…Not a good way to start the day  :(

But I’m feeling better now.

Saw the Evil Trainer last night – AND I did 30 minutes of cardio before working with him.  I had planned to do my cardio on the stationary bike (because the gym I work at with him has a shitty elliptical), but my knee was not having any of that!  So I would up doing 30 minutes on the hand bike….and I hate the hand bike… but I survived.

The knee is a big concern – I’ve never had it stop me from being able to use the stationary bike… ET gave me some homework to help get it loosened up – he says there is so much scar tissue from the arthritis that’s causing the problem, and that I have to work on getting that leg to straighten out (it doesn’t straighten out like my other leg).  So even though it hurts to do the homework, I’m going to do it.  The knee got messed up in a motorcycle accident back when I was 14, and time has just worsened it.

Before you ask, yes I have had a doctor look at the knee.  He declared advanced osteoarthritis.  He prescribed an anti-inflammatory.  I did some research and learned it could stop my body from reforming cartilage, and it didn’t really do much more than the Aleve does, so I don’t take it.

I’m also going to try the elliptical at 24hour – see if that’s any better.  I actually prefer the elliptical to the stationary bike anyway.  So my plan is to get up early tomorrow and hit the gym before work.  :)

Been doing well on my eating, and I’m hopeful that Friday’s weigh-in will reward me with showing an at leart 2lb. weight loss.

Here is a quick recap on my weekly goals for the challenge:

  • Evil Trainer 2x – 1x complete
  • Cardio 2x / 30 min each – 1x complete
  • Swimming 1 hour
  • Pilates  – complete

I’d say so far, so good!