Went to visit my parents this morning, and as usual I really wanted to hit the fast food afterwards to deal with the worry and the stress – BUT I managed to stay away from the billions of places I pass between their house and mine.  And it’s about 7pm and although I still want to eat crap, I haven’t given in to the urge.  I distracted myself for a bit by putting together 2 of the 4 new Flor rugs I bought for the house.

Also did some work on my 101 in 1001 list – added some things, changed some other things up.  I’ve got 82 items identified so far.  I need to get some of them checked off before my Halloween party – and that’s just over 4 weeks away!

I also feel like I need to add some more health/fitness related items to the list – but I’m not sure what.  I don’t want to take up running (HATE IT!), not a huge fan of biking, love swimming – and I have swimming stuff on there already.  I added that I want to try Yoga.  I pondered some sort of martial arts – but I’d be lying if I said that was something I really wanted to do.  And even though I’m a Colorado native, I have no desire whatsoever to take up skiing.  Guess I have to do some more thinking on that…

As for my weight loss plans and the challenge, here’s my exercise plan for this week:

  • Evil Trainer + 30 min Cardio on Tuesday & Friday
  • Swimming Thursday night
  • Pilates on Saturday

Also I plan to continue staying away from Fast Food, Pizza, and Diet Soda (all things artificially sweetened actually).  I have stuff to bring to work for breakfast and snacks, I’ll go somewhere for lunch, or eat in the cafeteria.

Well I think this has devolved into the lamest blog post ever, so I’ll just end it by saying:

It’s Banned Books Week – Read a Banned Book!