I had meant to post this yesterday after seeing the Evil Trainer (BTW – it makes him VERY happy to know that I refer to him as the Evil Trainer) – after measuring me, he proceeded to kick my ass HARD!  Then I had a meeting with my CPA, then a nap, then partying with some former co-workers….so I was a VERY tired fat girl by the time I got to finally relax last night.

Yesterday was my “official” challenge start day, and here is my start weight/measurements:

  • Weight:  361.8
  • Chest:  49 3/8″
  • Waist:  49 7/8″
  • Hips:  60 1/4″
  • Thighs:  35 3/8″
  • Calves:  26″
  • Biceps:  17 1/2″

Also going to consider these as my October Measurements as well since I’m not going to have him measure me again next Friday.

I’ll post an updated weight next Friday.  And here are my challenge goals for this week:

  1. Evil Trainer 2x
  2. Pilates 1x – done!
  3. Swim 1x – at least 30 min, preferably 60 min
  4. Cardio 2x – 30 min each
  5. No Fast Food/Pizza
  6. 2 pound weight loss

Had my Pilates session this morning at 8:30 – and I’m going to be feeling it tomorrow.  She worked me hard!  (She’s the Pilates version of the Evil Trainer – no wonder they are engaged!)  She says I do have really strong abs based on how easy some of the exercises are for me, so that is really encouraging!  She gave me some stretching homework to do – to help stretch my hammies.  As hard as it is, I’m REALLY enjoying the Pilates – I’m really happy that I decided to try it!  I swear it makes me sweat more than the workouts with the Evil Trainer – I was dripping sweat today.

We are having some WONDERFUL fall weather too – leaves are starting to turn on the trees, and the air is cool and crisp – LOVING IT!!! 

One last thing.  I found a new yogurt at Whole Foods that tastes like yogurt SHOULD taste like – Chobani.  It’s thick and creamy and slightly tart.  I’ve tried the Peach & Pomegranate so far – and I’ve got Strawberry in the fridge as well.  YUMMY!