So not ready to go back to work tomorrow…  :(

Well – I didn’t get all of the things done I wanted to do – BUT I did finally finish painting the wall around the back door.  It’s the only damn wall in the house I need a ladder to do – and of course I need the TALL ladder.  So it took longer than it should have because

  1. I HATE ladders
  2. I REALLY hate being on a tall ladder on a small landing at the top of the stairs

But it’s all done now – and the color is GORGEOUS!  (Benjamin Moore #2146-20 Forest Moss).  So nice to be seeing less of the damn dingy yellow.

I’d like to have the dining room/living room painted before the halloween bash, but there is SO much cleaning to do – I just don’t see the painting happening….

As for the weight loss – I basically spent the weekend binging on the pizza wagon…  *grumble*  but (and how many times will I have to say this) – I’m climbing back on the weight loss wagon and going to keep trying to move forward.

My “exercise” this weekend was hauling my fat ass up on and down that damn ladder a billion times – calves and knees are killing me.  Pilates is rescheduled for Wednesday.  On Friday I see the Evil Trainer (he’ll be back from hunting), and then it’s Pilates again on Saturday morning.  Sometime between now and Friday I HAVE to swim for an hour.  HAVE TO!  Can’t report utter failure on my cardio promise to ET when I see him Friday… Make that I WILL NOT report failure on the cardio!