Today it’s not about the weight loss, or my eating.  And I saw the Evil Trainer – he kicked my ass hard (but it felt good – I’m definitely getting stronger!).

No – the wallowing I’m currently indulging in is because I’m watching “Say Yes To The Dress” on TLC and I’m realizing chances are I will never find my someone and walk down the aisle in a gorgeous white dress.  *sigh*  :(

And finances are a bit strained at the moment because I haven’t gotten paid for my August hours, so I need to take some more money out of the business account so things like my mortgage and car payments don’t bounce.  I’m sure I’ll get the check next week, but still the stress is there.  I hate dealing with finances, I truly do.  I know they are a necessary evil, but still….

So between the stress and the wallowing, I’m hoping that pizza doesn’t start calling my name.  I just need to white-knuckle my way through tonight, and I know things will be better tomorrow…

the sun’ll come out tomorrow