He had a bit of “work” done on Tuesday, so I’ve been just laying low and taking care of him.  He had his gums lazered back (they were growing over his teeth), he had a couple of “masses” removed from his mouth (waiting for the results of the tests on them), had some wart like things removed, his ears cleaned, and the pièce de résistance was getting his anal glands cleaned.

I don’t think he’s forgiven me yet… Not even the current diet of canned dog food (he can’t eat crunchy food yet) is helping with that.  So I’m currently winning his love back by letting him be on the couch with me:


Tuesday was rough for both of us, so I was in bed dead asleep at 9:30.  And he spent most of yesterday pacing and whining (yeah, that doesn’t get annoying at all).  But he seems to be feeling better today.  Although the gas the canned food gives him isn’t making me feel better.  ;)

I’ve done okay on the eating – not fabulous, but at least no binges.  Still not quite hitting my goal of 128oz. of water daily – I seem to kind of get stuck at 96oz.  Haven’t done my cardio yet, but I plan to do 30 min of the stationary bike before I see the Evil Trainer tomorrow morning.  And (again) I plan to swim this weekend – let’s see if this is the weekend it actually happens!  I also have session #2 of Pilates on Saturday morning at 11:00…so I foresee some “core” pain in my future.

I’ve started planning my annual Halloween Bash.  This year there is going to be a theme – the ’70s.  Got my costume figured out in my head, just need to order a couple items for it.

I’ve also decided to have a theme for the food I make.  Usually I just make whatever I’m in the mood to try, and my friends make most excellent lab rats to experiment on ;)  But this year, because of the current obsession me and many of my peeps have with bacon (and what’s not to love there?), I’m going to have a bacon-y halloween.  Bacon in almost every dish – including the homebaked sweets.  Last weekend’s WONDERUL Bacon Cupcakes from Tee and Cakes have made me a believer in sweet + bacon – not that I was resistant to the idea at all mind you.

Once I start planning the menu, I get all excited for the party!  I only have one big party a year, so I do go all out.