All in all it as a good weekend!

Got some painting almost done, hung some artwork, saw friends, celebrated Bacon Day (bacon cupcakes!), and took a few naps.

What I didn’t do was work out…  :(  Still having a hard time motivating myself, and for whatever reason I’m tired all the time.

So how did I do on my weekly goals for last week?

  1. 2×20min Cardio (non-walking) – Nope
  2. 2×20min Walking – Nope
  3. 1×30min Swimming – Nope
  4. 1×60min Pilates – Instructor canceled because of illness
  5. 1×60min Evil Trainer – Success!
  6. 1850-2000/cal daily – Avg 2395
  7. 128oz water daily – Avg 96 oz
  8. 3 Svgs veggies daily – success on 4 of 7 days

Not to be deterred, here at my goals for this week:

  1. 60 min of Cardio (swin, walk, gym, whatever)
  2. 60 min of Evil Trainer (Friday)
  3. 60 min of Pilates (Saturday)
  4. Avg 1850-2000/cal daily
  5. 128oz water daily
  6. Do something for myself (perhaps a movie)
  7. NO binges

This week I WILL succeed on ALL 7 GOALS!