Although I didn’t make my weight loss goal of 10 pounds for August, I did manage to lose 5.2 pounds – which was a pleasant surprise to learn when I stepped on the hated scale this morning.  And even better – according to the Evil Trainer’s measurements, I lost 11 1/4″!!!!  YAY ME I think it’s definitely the boost I needed to get me motivated.

So of the three goals the Evil Trainer and I made for August, I only made the inches lost goal.  My “punishment” was a kind of push-up that hasn’t tormented me with before, but I’m sure it’s not the last time I’ll have to endure it.  He stretched me for a bit after measuring me, and then proceeded to KICK MY ASS.  My arms are still shaky from it.

We did make goals for September, and here they are:

  1. 10 pound weight loss
  2. 60 minutes of cardio/weekly (swimming and walking both count as cardio)
  3. Do something for myself each week – something outside my house, afternoon naps do not count  :)

Doable – but that’s what I said last month too ;)

I’ve been reading Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food” – amazing book which really makes me try to think carefully about what food I put in my body (I also recommend his “The Omnivore’s Dilemma“).  And that means I HAVE to stop with the fast food – that stuff is crap on all levels.

Lunch is generally my danger time for fast food, so I need to start bringing my lunch to work.  So I started wondering what I could do to make that fun.  Oh sure, I could bring my lunch in my Campus Queen lunchbox like I did when I was in grade school:

Campus Queen

That would be fun, but she’s kind of old (like me) and I didn’t want to risk denting her further, or worse, breaking the liner in her thermos.  :)  So I splurged and ordered myself a Built NY Lunch Tote:

Built NY Extra Relish Lunch Tote

Much nicer than the plastic supermarket bag I usually use – and since I bring my own bags to the grocery store, I rarely have a plastic bag to use anymore.

I also ordered myself  3 new Kor Water Bottles – a pink, an orange, and a green one:

Kor water bottles

I don’t buy bottled water, and my old pink Nalgene has seen better days (not to mention the BPA risk).  So with three I can have one at work, one for the gym, and one always clean.

My plans for this weekend include taking Angus for a couple of walks, going to see my parents, doing some grocery shopping so I have things like milk, bread , yogurt, fruit, and veggies in the house, and tomorrow I’m having dinner with friends (that counts as my “something for myself” for this week).  Perhaps I’ll also take some stuff to recycling and to Goodwill.  I also want to get 30 minutes of swimming in as well.  I had thought to do that tonight, but my arms are not up to it.