As part of a group I’m a member of in Day Zero List Makers, we choose our weight loss related goals for the week.  The weekly goals (for me anyway) are to support one or more of my 101 in 1001 list related to weight loss.  So for 2009/09/01-2009/09/07 here are my goals:

  1. 2x20min Cardio (non-walking)
  2. 2x20min Walking
  3. 1x30min Swimming
  4. 1x60min Pilates
  5. 1x60min Evil Trainer
  6. 1850-2000/cal daily
  7. 128oz water daily
  8. 3 Svgs veggies daily

Every Monday for the next 15 weeks I’ll post my weekly goals – just as another way to keep myself focused on what I need to focus on.  :)

I know I need to focus on what I eat, but as August has shown me, that won’t get the weight off of me.  I really need to focus on exercise!  So for September, that’s the plan.

I see the Evil Trainer on Friday and even though I know I didn’t meet ANY of my August goals, we are still going to weigh/measure and then set the goals for September.  Can’t get derailed by choices I made in August.

The sore muscles from Pilates are still kicking my ass today… God only knows what it’s going to feel like to work them again on Wednesday.