Had my first Pilates session yesterday….  It was AMAZING, and although it was really hard, I survived.  And last night I was feeling pretty cocky – I was tired and a bit sore, but nothing horrible.  Then comes today…  OMFG my “core” is killing me every time I move.  I have muscles that I’m “feeling” today that I didn’t even know I HAD!

I signed up and paid for 15 more WEEKLY sessions…  HP said weekly would be better than every other week.  So I decided to commit!  And since she’s the fiancee of my ET, I don’t stand a chance of just skipping out on her.  Next Session?  Wednesday, 9/2 at 18:30.

I spent yesterday evening at friend’s house…  They have 2 kidlets – ages 3 and 6.  Good LORD I was exhausted by the time I came home… And then today a couple friends brought their 3 month over – just to chat.  And Angus LOVED her!  He was totally fascinated by the little human – she’s only the 2nd or 3rd baby he’s ever met.

Angus & Miss Violet

Angus & Miss Violet

All in all it was a pretty darn good (and tiring) weekend.

The de-cluttering is coming along nicely – the friends who stopped by today took some things home with them, and I think a couple other friends are stopping by this evening to get some things.

I also got my new entertainment center:



and finally put the bar shelving up so I don’t have glasses/bottles all over the bar.  It definitely feels a whole lot less cluttered downstairs.  But I need to focus on the main floor – so I can get some good pics and get my dining room set sold.

Angus had a Vet appointment Saturday morning – yearly shots & such, and it looks like he needs to get his gums lazered back – they are growing up over his teeth.  So the poor monkey goes in on 09/08 for surgery…  But I’m sure his mouth will feel better once it’s done and he’s all healed up.  After his two ACL surgeries, I just hate putting him through more…  :(

And now, the plan for Monday:

  • Get up a bit early and make eggs for breakfast
  • Oatmeal with flax & Udo’s for lunch
  • Strawberries for snacks
  • 20 minute walk with Angus after work