Left work early on tuesday because I was feeling sick….thought it was because of lunch….but 2 days later and my digestive system is still less than happy…

Needless to say the plans for working out this week were derailed….BUT I’m seeing the Evil Trainer tomorrow morning, and Saturday I am trying Pilates.  Come hell or high water for both.  Period.

Plans for this weekend?  Well, tomorrow the new entertainment center from Room & Board is being delivered and I have a friend coming over that evening for cocktails.  Saturday it’s the Vet, Pilates, then dinner with friends.  Sunday I have friends coming over to go through the fabric/yarn/books I’m getting rid of to pick out what they want.  NO time for myself this weekend apparently – and that makes for a crabby fat girl.  So Labor Day weekend needs to be ALL about the time for myself.  Period.

Plans for next week….

  1. Stop at the gym on the way home from work & do 20 min cardio Mon-Wed
  2. Swim Thursday & Saturday evenings
  3. Continue to stay away from Diet Soda & Fast Food
  4. Bring my breakfasts & lunches to work – no dining out or vending machine lunches!

And yet again this week someone has found my blog by searching for “how much did betty davis weigh”… seriously… *shakes head*