Well, I flung myself off the wagon Friday, and I just finally have almost pulled myself back on today….  Sunday was definitely the worst of the 3 days, and I had to really fight the urge to purge all that I had eaten – but at least I did win that battle because I did NOT purge…  But I felt so horrible and my stomach was so distended, that I couldn’t even sleep last night.

I did better today.

I’m sure there was more to the bender than the lack of weight loss, but if stepping on a scale in way contributes to that happening, it’s time to measure my success a different way – like in the amount of cardio I can do, or my measurements.  I think I just need to stay completely away from the scale for a bit longer.  I know the Evil Trainer will support me in this.

So my plan for tomorrow (one day at a time):

  • Yogurt/granola/flax/fruit/udo’s for breakfast
  • 20 min of cardio at the gym on my way home from work
  • Light dinner
  • Water, Water, Water – gotta flush 3 days of crap eating from my system

I’ve also started reading Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food”…  REALLY interesting, and makes me more determined to stop eating the crap, and focus on eating locally and sustainably.  If you haven’t read it, do so!  Check out “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” as well….

I had been pondering breakfasts of smoothies with protien powder – but on second thought I’m going to eat REAL food instead, and stick with my vow of no pills/powders/bars/etc.  And I really want to work on meeting my goal of eating vegetarian 2 days a week (dairy/eggs okay, I’m not aiming for vegan).

Here’s hoping for a successful Tuesday.