I have NO idea how I’m doing weight wise…  I *think* I’ve lost, but I’m so out of touch with my body, I’m not sure.

I’ve been doing pretty well with the food (though today I STILL crave pizza and sweets), but I’m sucking at the exercise.  I just can’t seem to motivate myself.  Part of the problem is I HATE the MagneTrainer…it’s like riding a recumbant bike, and I can’t stand those – so in hindsight I don’t know that it was a good purchase.  But I suppose at least I’m doing something when I use it – and that’s always better than nothing….

I’ve got a full freezer now!  Picked up an order from the local food coop (High Plains Food), and The Organic Dish also delivered my order today.  All kinds of yummy, healthy, local food in the house now.  Angus LOVES it when Organic Dish delivers – the delivery girl always pets him and gives him lots of attention – and that just makes his wiggly butt even more wiggly.  :)

Still holding strong to my commitment to NOT eat fast food or drink diet soda!  It’s getting easier – but there are times I’m out doing things and out of habit I think “I’ll stop at Wendys and grab a bite” – thankfully I have caught and stopped myself every time… The diet soda is proving easier – I never have kept it in the house, and I don’t know where the damn soda machine even is at work, and with no stops for fast food, I’ve really reduced the chances I’ll stray.  YAY!

I was going to have the Honey Lime Chicken from The Organic Dish for dinner tonight – but I took it out of the freezer really late last night – so instead I think I’ll just saute some chickn with some of their sugar snap peas with ginger, lemon zest, and tamari.  I do so love sugar snap peas!  And they look sooo yummy!  And then some fruit for dessert…

I have decided when I go see the Evil Trainer tomorrow, I’m also going to talk to his fiancee about scheduling myself for Pilates.  I’ve decided on 2x a month for 3 months to see how I like it.  That’s $300 – and I AM going to spend that on myself in the interest of becoming stronger & more flexible – just as important to me as losing the weight.

Also working on the de-cluttering goal – my current target is all the books I have.  Books that I know I will never read again.  So I’ll let friends take what they want, then haul the remainder to Goodwill.  I’m actually starting to feel like I can get a handle on the storage area that the main floor has turned into – after only a year.  :)

This weekend I also plan to paint the damn wall around the door to the backyard.  I started it weeks ago, then lost interest when it was time to get up on a ladder (I HATE ladders).  It’s a small wall, and it won’t take any time at all to finish.  I think the 101 in 1001 list is going to be a good way to keep me focused on the things I want to take care of.