No run ins with fast food, diet soda, pudding, or donuts!  YAY!  I did have a bite sized candy bar after lunch – I always crave a touch of sweets after spicy food…and it was just a bite sized bar – so no harm, no foul.

My plan for tomorrow?  Kick ass in a similar manner to today.  :D

My scale crazies are starting to act up.  In my head I’m thinking how can I know if I’m making progress towards my weight for my Sept weigh-in if I’m not weighing myself?  I know I get to weigh this friday, but the scale is calling me… Man, I hate that bitch.

All in all it was a good day, although my back is all fuckered from that damn office chair…  I suspect they have the same chairs at Gitmo along side the water boarding apparatus…

On a completely different topic, I have to share my amusement with you.  At what you may ask?  Well, at the searches my blog turns up in….check these out:

  • “james spader”
  • fat sysadmin
  • locker room weigh in
  • pizza – fat chick 12
  • recipes fritatta
  • token fat girl blog
  • how much did betty davis weigh
  • i want to know about naked fat girls
  • the fat daughter
  • binge on dessert
  • fat girl thinking
  • sugar fat girl

Seriously – who needs to know how much betty (sic) davis weighed?  And what, pray tell, is a “sugar fat girl’?