For whatever reason I slipped into some bad habits…No – nothing involving fast food, pizza, or diet soda.  I sat around eating junk all day.

My allergies were HORRIBLE today & I was out of Alavert – so I had to run to the store to pick some up.  Unfortunately I also picked up some tapioca pudding and 3 donuts….Ate it all….felt like crap…Enjoyed the tapico, but the donuts seemed greasy.

Not going to let this derail me – but I am <MOTHERLY TONE> very disappointed </MOTHERLY TONE> in myself…

Of course I slipped into a late afternoon carb coma nap – never restful but always guaranteed to keep me from sleeping well that night.

I know I didn’t make good choices – but I know I have made much worse choices.  AND I didn’t comptelely fling myself off the wagon (that would have involved  MUCH more food!).

Okay – rather than wallow, I’m going to have a soak in a hot tub and read for a bit then try and get to bed early….