Banged out three of my 101 in 1001 items….

YAY!  Sharing the bounty of the de-cluttering with friends, so they are coming over Sunday to pick up their goodies.  Also have a HUGE lot of cross stitch stuff for sale on eBay.  It’ll feel so good when it’s out of the house.

Getting rid of crap is surprisingly tiring…and it was kind of cooler and damp feeling here today so my friggin’ knee is killing me.  Hopefully 20 minutes on the hated MagneTrainer will help it feel better…

I was trying to put my bar back together after painting it (a couple months ago), and I was hanging the wine/champagne/martini glasses on the rack they have hung on for the past year – and what do you suppose happens?  It all comes crashing down!  Lost half my martini glasses, all but one wine glass, and my two big margarita glasses.  :(  Oh well, I wanted new barware anyway…

So here is where I need to make my plan for this coming week….I didn’t buy the fritatta ingredients, so I’m going to eat oatmeal for breakfast – if I add craisins, flax meal, & udo’s it’ll hold me over till lunch and not make me carb crash.  I can bring some fruit for a snack (currently munching on blackberries).  Lunch….hmmmm….what to do about lunch for tomorrow….I don’t know…  I know it’s a bad idea, but I’ll wing it….  I can’t plan every damn minute of my life.

I just realized – next friday is my first weigh-in!

EVEN BETTER – Mad Men season premier is tonight!  YAY!!