FINALLY got the system problem resolved at about 23:30 last night.  THANK GOD!  Had to do a small amount of work this morning- but I actually got to enjoy my day!

To celebrate, I finally ordered myself an “Entertainment Center” (okay, it’s really a long, low dresser) from Room & Board.  Check it out:


I wouldn’t say my eating has been good today – waited too damn long to eat in the morning – hell it was after noon before I ate – so I ended up eating too much.  This is a habit that I have to break.  BUT on the plus side, no fast food or diet soda was consumed! Day two down!

Tonight I had invites to three different bashes…but this week was so crappy I’m opting to stay home and relax instead.  Besides, I have to get up early and work tomorrow morning for hopefully only an hour or so, depends on how well the system cooperates…  Woo-hoo – living the dream aren’t I?

Made some minor inroads to de-cluttering the casa, and a couple of friends have volunteered to take some of my crafting/sewing/knitting stuff off my hands.  I have ALOT more to do tho.

I need to get the main floor cleaned up so I can take a pic of my current dining room set – which is just too damn big for my house (it was perfect in the old house) – so I can list it and hopefully sell it on Craigslist…Already have it’s replacement picked out.  But I can’t order it till the old one is gone!  Have a couple other things to sell as well…  And of course there is the large amount of stuff to take to Goodwill….

I just need to let go of a whole lot of things in my life…